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marco.broekman urbanism research and architecture aims to design sustainable urban environments. With a social and open-minded process, our craftsmanship design reflects on our awareness of spatial quality.


together build up to sustainable urban environment


marco.broekman urbanism research and architecture intends to design sustainable urban environments with the collaboration of divers stakeholders. To us, sustainable cities mean healthy places to live, work and enjoy with economic and social interactions from regional landscape to local values.


make global and urgent topics visible and understandable for everyone


Global and urgent issues, like the energy transition, the circular economy, the healthy infrastructure become design challenges in marco.broekman urbanism research and architecture. The three pillars of our practice: research by design, urban strategy and urban design, compose our daily work in which stakeholders, clients, themes, places and assignments could also be investigated.


take care of spatial and social qualities


In marco.broekman urbanism research and architecture’ attitude and process with stakeholders as well as in our design, the spatial qualities are significant and valuable at every scale, to regional landscape to urban design details.

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