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Urbanes Zentrum Neu-HohenschOnhausen


Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany


Open design competition


May 2021 - November 2021


Marco Broekman, Bart Claassen, Martijn Al, Yara Alnashawati, Yunshih Chen, Dorottya Bekesi, Floor Riensema, Margaux Demange


Research by design on the future-proofing of inner cities


morePlatz (DE)


Finished, honourable mention

The main goal of the design for the new Neu Hohenschönhausen center is to create a lively and vibrant center, with respect for the human scale and a balanced mix of living, culture, leisure and working. The project is buildup of a sequence of buildings with different functions alongside the Falkenberger chausse, Wartenberger straße and a new narrow street. All three of these lines have a different function and character. A sequence of squares and parks connect the existing shopping center with the train and tram station. Together they create a new scale in between the surrounding high-rises and the Falkenberger chausse.


Pedestrians and cyclists are prioritized over motorized vehicles in the new center and roads are designed as a shared space. Cars are parked in a mobility HUB, the roof of which also serves as an urban farm, directly at the entrance of the center.  Lush green structures and trees give the center a green and vibrant appearance and protect the public space from overheating. The roof landscape is green and is used by the residents as a (vegetable) garden.


The new cultural center (KUBIZ) is located directly next to the Station and connects the green corridor alongside the railroad tracks with the extended center and the Falkenberger chausse. The roof of the cultural center serves as a square where shows, outdoor films and festivals can be held.


Urban Plan




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