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 BURA team is on holiday!

July 2020

Our office is closed from 20 July to 2 August. We will be available again from Monday 3 August. Enjoy your summer!

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Presentation of vision of the “stadstraat" Overtoom-Lelylaan

July 2020

Marco Broekman presented our vision of the “stadstraat" Overtoom-Lelylaan in 4 minutes. Not a blueprint, but a neighborhood- oriented, adaptive strategy, using densification as a tool to make a greener and more inclusive city. As input for the Omgevingsvisie, the municipality has set up a design event with 6 design teams together with ARCAM Architecture Center Amsterdam. The presentation was live via the livecastpagina of Pakhuis de Zwijger. 

Click here to watch the video of the presentation

- project page

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New project: vision for the Werninkterrein in Leiden

June 2020

BURA is asked by the Municipality of Leiden to make a spatial and programmatic vision for the Wernink area in Leiden. For decades this was the location of the Wernink concrete factory, which moved away a few years ago. The location of 3,4 hectares has some very positive features: it is situated close to the historical city of Leiden and has a fantastic 400-meter-long waterfront. Now there is the chance to develop this plot into an attractive green urban area, with mainly housing, but also some working and recreation.  

- project page

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Entree Zoetermeer

May 2020

Commissioned by the municipality of Zoetermeer, BURA urbanism is collaborating with LOLA Landscape Architects on the development of Entree Zoetermeer. A new neighborhood with urban allure as an entrance to the city. What challenges and success factors do we see as an urban design office? Read the blog entry by the partner Floris van der Zee as part of the blog series about this area development. 

For more info: 

- project page

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Municipal board Amstelveen approves vision Legmeer

April 2020

The municipal board of Amstelveen approved the 

development vision for the transformation of Legmeer. 

Consequently the vision will be presented for approval to the municipal council. According to the vision, the current 

business park can be transformed into a sustainable green

urban district, prepared for major climate changes. Legmeer becomes a place where living and working are mixed in balance. The neighborhood offers space for at least 3,000 homes for various incomes, urban activities and necessary facilities. The vision proposes to develop different spatial 

atmospheres, which can be developed over the next 10-20 years.

For more info:

- project page

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Spatial Vision for Houten approved

April 2020

Tuesday the 7th of April the Spatial Vision for Houten (last draft version) was approved by the board of mayor and councilors. Now as a last step there will be open public consultations (inspraak).

Important decisions in the vision for the coming 20 years are: densifying inner-city locations and strengthening current qualities, like the green areas, bicycle friendliness, good accessibility, safety and tranquility.

Another important decision is to stop developing houses in open fields (like Houten has done in the past decades), but instead develop an existing industrial area Northwest of the town into a mixed urban area. The ring road around the city will be moved, so that this new urban area will really be part of the city and the car traffic will mostly stay on the outside of Houten. In total 5.800 new houses will be build.

Online exhibition about the main points of the Spatial Vision for Houten

See the project page for more information.

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April 2020

Our team consists of 17 members with 8 different nationalities. The Italian nationality is represented by two of our teammembers. One of them is our intern Chiara Stucchi. Her friend Giulia Milesi started a lockdown project, #ritrattibenefici. Using her talent in the best way, she makes portraits to raise money for local hospitals, in order for them to contain the Corona virus. BURA urbanism supported this great initiative with a donation. We are happy to present our team through her illustrations! 

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marco.broekman continues as BURA urbanism

April 2020

The corona crisis hits the core of our society. It clearly shows how crucial and urgent it is to consider how we would like to live together and how we, as designers, create the conditions for livable and healthy cities. As of today we continue with this mission under a new name. We are proud to announce that ‘marco.broekman urbanism research architecture’ continues as ‘BURA urbanism’.


Marco Broekman: “At the end of 2014, I started a new urban design office under my own name with the ambition to combine design and research, and to work on creating sustainable urban environments.

After five successful years marco.broekman is ready for the next step. The introduction of the new name - BURA urbanism - coincides with Floris van der Zee becoming partner of our office. Since joining the office over four years ago he has contributed greatly to the development of the company. The societal challenges that will result out of the current situation strengthens our belief that we are taking the right steps towards contributing to a bright future.

 “The new name reflects the teamwork that this office stands for. Also Marco and I are both closely involved in all projects. I am really excited to take on this challenge with Marco and lead our fantastic team”, says Floris van der Zee.


As BURA we continue to work together in a personal and creative way with our clients and collaborating partners. With a lot of energy and enthusiasm our research-driven urban planning office continues to work on projects with societal relevance and on urgent spatial challenges. 

Click here for more information about Marco Broekman and Floris van der Zee

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Urban Plan Merwede

January 2020

We are proud to tell you about one of our main urban projects; Merwede!


Merwede will be a special, new city district for Utrecht where more than 12,000 people can live in a sustainable and healthy way. Characteristic of this urban area is high-quality greenery in public spaces, courtyards and on roofs. This is possible because it will be a car-free neighbourhood where pedestrians and cyclists are central. People can make use of a large selection of shared cars, shared bicycles and public transport. The Urban plan was released today for participation by the Commission.

The Urban Plan and image quality plan for Merwede is the result of intensive cooperation between eleven landowners, including the municipality of Utrecht. marco.broekman has been involved in the planning process since 2016 as leader of the design-team and has been collaborating with different advisors.


See the project page for more information.

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