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Merry X-mas and a happy new year!

December 2019

We can look back at a successful and inspiring 2019, where we worked closely together with our clients and partners on the transformation of sustainable cities and landscapes in Utrecht, Arnhem, Groningen, Amstelveen, Amersfoort, Delft, Eindhoven, Pajottenland (BE), Zaanstad, Apeldoorn, Rotterdam, Hart van Holland, Doetinchem, Zoetermeer, Zuid Holland and Amsterdam. We look forward to having more inspiring moments in 2020, and working further on the city of the future. marco.broekman wishes you a happy and healthy 2020, and we will start the year with some exciting news!

Christmas 2019

Vision centrum van Zuid Rotterdam

December 2019

The process of developing a vision for Rotterdam Zuid has started with inspiring workshop sessions together with the many stakeholders of the area.
The first two workshops on 29th of November and 18th of December made an intensive start to the project, mapping out the potentials of the area and resulting in dynamic discussions around the possible future developments of Rotterdam Zuid. The diverse and insightful conclusions will be an input for the continuing process and the next session in the new year.

Rotterdam Zuid
Blauwe kamer yearbook

Blauwe Kamer Yearbook presentation

December 2019

Marco Broekman attended the panel debate at the yearly Blauwe Kamer Yearbook presentation at Werkspoorfabriek in Utrecht. He talked about the developments in Utrecht and the urban plan of Merwede, his role as an urban planner with a mixed public and private clientship and the spatial principles of Merwede.


Photo credits: Christiaan Krouwels

VDMA runner-up!

November 2019

Nice article on Architectenweb on our submission for the VDMA area. Proud to have been part of this fantastic team on this special location. Eindhoven definitely could have been brightened with our Roofscraper and our layered plan! Congrats to BEING and team. Thanks to MOOI ontwikkelt en ABC en team: Civic - Public Architecture, Harro De Jong, Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau,VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism, morgenmakers, Buro Loo B.V., Erna Van Holland, Bas Schoemaker, abcnova, Total Cost bouwadvies, MOVE Mobility, Bouw 21 B.V., ABT, HeyHeydeHaas, Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten, and more!

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office excursion 2019

Office excursion

November 2019

Mountain biking-hiking-cooking together-beer brewery visit-city tour

Our office excursion to Belgium included team building activities like sports in nature in the area around the village Evrehailles and site visit at ‘Coal mine du Gouffre’ industrial ruins in Charleroi.

Enthusiasm and critical questions about Spatial Vision Houten

November 2019

On the evening of the 14th of November around 270 inhabitants of Houten came to see the ideas for the Spatial Vision for their municipality. On stage were Martin Kruijt from OKRA, Theo Stauttener from Stadkwadraat, Jan-Anne Waagmeester from Goudappel Coffeng and Marco Broekman. Moderator Bart Cosijn made this a lively and interactive evening, at which many inhabitants could have a say about this integral, comprehensive vision. Afterwards an information market showed the outcome of the different studies done for mobility, sustainability, landscape, housing requirement, working and facilities.

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Participation Houten Spatial vision

Interview in 'Dromen in beton'

October 2019

Marco Broekman explains the design principles of the city quarter Merwede. An interview with him appeared in the publication of the exhibition ‘Dromen in beton’. This autumn Centraal Museum in Utrecht presents an exhibition about the turbulent history of Kanaleneiland and Hoog Catharijne. Merwede, located at Kanaleneiland, will also be the subject of a lecture by Marco Broekman later this year, as part of the program of the exhibition.

Read the full article:

Check the exhibition here:

dromen in beton

Hembrug is full of art!

Sept 2019

With the opening of the HEM on 21st of June, the metropolitan area of Amsterdam has a new place for contemporary art. There are exhibitions in the former ammunition buildings, and all sorts of new art initiatives are taking place. Alongside the art, there is a library, cafe, restaurant with terrace and a music club. Other buildings also opened their doors; including the former cartridge factory which opened up until Sunday with great collection of big artworks for the four day exhibition BIG ART.


Regardless of the decision by the Raad van State to repeal the zoning plan, there’s a lot of dynamism in the Hembrug area. The site is showing its potential more frequently and with the new ferry connection to Amsterdam Central Station, people can find their way to the site more easily. marco.broekman works with partners and stakeholders to develop this special area. 

Schieoevers-Noord Development Plan approved!

August 2019

The Schieoevers-Noord Development Plan (Ontwikkelplan) has been approved by the city council of Delft. After developing the Concept Development Plan first, a participation process with multiple public events resulted in a widely political supported document. Schieoevers Noord will become Delfts most exiting working-living area, with a clear focus on providing space for the city’s knowledge-intensive and innovative making industry.


The marco.broekman team is on holiday!

July 2019

Our office is closed from 29 July to 11 August. We will be available again from Monday 12 August. 

marco.broekman wishes you a pleasant holiday!

Biking Houten

Biking across Houten

July 2019

The first participation evening, two bike tours and a design workshop in the weekend gave the inhabitants and stake holders of Houten the chance to give input for the Spatial Vision for their municipality. A large number of people joined, including the original urban designer of Houten, Mr. Robert Derks. Many valuable discussions were conducted and great input was received from the inhabitants and entrepreneur who demonstrated their keen involvement with the future of Houten, helping us to develop different scenarios the coming months.


For the Spatial Vision we are collaborating with the municipality of Houten, OKRA, Goudappel Coffeng, Stadkwadraat, Volq and others.

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Participation Houten

Inspiring participation session Houten

June 2019

On the 12th of June the municipality of Houten organised the first participation session for the Spatial Vision of Houten 2040 which is currently being developed with marco.broekman (see Spatial Vision Houten).

Attendance and participation by the public was overwhelming and most of all inspiring! Interesting discussions with the inhabitants were held, about themes like urban design, mobility and landscape. A lot of important feedback and information was gathered. Interactive work methods, such as inviting the public to place stickers on a map to identify high and low valued spots and discussions on how future developments could look like, ensured great involvement with the residents. 

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June 2019

The MetroMix advice, a study on developing high-dense mixed-use urban areas in the Netherlands is now published. For this report the CRa (College van Rijksadviseurs / College of Government Advisors) worked together with marco.broekman and Stadkwadraad. The study introduces a series of ‘guiding principles’ of mixing program in dense urban environments grouping them around thems of ‘the why’, ‘the what’ and ‘the how’. Last April Daan Zandbelt form the CRa presented the advice to the minister. 


MetroMix is now available online:

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Stad van de toekomst

Havenstad | 'Stad van de toekomst'

June 2019

‘The city of the future’ is a book presented by the BNA (The Dutch trade association for architectural offices) in which ten different design strategies for five different locations have been visualised to address complex challenges in inner cities, like Amsterdam Havenstad. Together with KRFT, Moke architecten, Goudappel Coffeng and Stadkwadraat we proposed a new strategy called Maker City to transform this industrial site into a mixed working-living area. Using strategies like ‘space and time’, collective use of space and manageable investments, Havenstad is about an inclusive, adaptive and healthy city. 

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Europapark Groningen

April 2019

marco.broekman is asked by the Municipality of Groningen to make a vision on spatial development possibilities for Plot P2 in Europapark, Groningen. Europapark, a former industrial area, is slowly being transformed into a mixed urban area of living, working, education, recreation and sport. The ambition is to create an attractive and liveable neighbourhood where high quality public space and flexibility of program play an important role. In collaboration with Stadkwadraat and Nimas, marco.broekman is going to prepare a comprehensive study, not only spatial and programmatic but also technical and financial.

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Europpark Groningen

Excursion Council Utrecht

In Merwede we try to create a unique neighbourhood that will become an example of sustainable and healthy urbanization in Utrecht. To give an idea on how this could look like we have had an excursion with councillors, different people from the municipality and owners of Merwede. In Amsterdam, we visited a couple of neighbourhoods like Java-eiland, Funen, Amstelkwartier and Zuidas whereby we saw elements which we can imagine within Merwede. Besides, we presented our plan and talked over ideas. These kinds of excursions are in our opinion very valuable in knowledge exchange, understanding and creating a better plan.


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Urban Vision Houten

April 2019

The municipality of Houten asked marco.broekman to make an Urban Vision for Houten, as a continuation of the Urban Exploration, which our office made last year. The assignment is urgent and complex, because the ambition of Houten is to build 4.300 -5.300 dwellings until the year 2040, approximately 25% of the current number of houses in Houten. That’s why the municipality is in need of a well-founded urban vision, in which contemporary themes like energy transition, mobility and climate adaptation play an important role. The vision will be an inspiring starting point for sustainable developments and will be created in cooperation with the residents, companies and other stakeholders. marco.broekman and Stadkwadraat will work together on this important vision for the future of the municipality.

Urban Vision Houten

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Urban Exploration

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Houten 2019

City Edge Amersfoort

April 2019

marco.broekman urbanism research architecture has been asked by Habitoo to develop a vision for the "City Edge Amersfoort Zuid" (''Kernrandzone Amersfoort Zuid''). The municipality of Amersfoort has already indicated the potential of the area around the Stichtse Rotonde within the spatial agenda for 2016, whereby an 'exploration of the opportunities for the core edge zone vision ' is defined. "The number of people working in the Stichtse Rotonde area is equal to that of the working district De Isselt. This environment has traditionally been a place for institutions, research centers and conference centers. However, infrastructure is also dominant in this area and disturbed the relationship between city and landscape. There are great opportunities in improving recreational connections with the landscape, new forms of mobility, recreational use, energy generation, employment and new forms of living. All with a new method of co-creation and participation.


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Blauwe kamer

marco.broekman in de Blauwe Kamer

March 2019

For the Spring edition of De Blauwe kamer, Merel Pit and Marieke Berkers interviewed Marco Broekman. They had a conversation about almost 20 years of development in the profession, from architect to urban planner, strategy lessons from Riek Bakker, craftsmanship at Karres and Brands, design research with the Future Urban Regions research group, starting an office, curiosity, FLEX TEST ROC , from the research bubble, Havenstad Makerstad, dealing with complexity, Guiding Principles REOS, believers and non-believers, Merwede, sustainable behavior, parametric design, a better world and much more.

Check the website of the Blauwe Kamer for more info on the article and other topics of the Spring edition:

workshop groningen

Workshop Gemeente Groningen

March 2019

On march 19th marco.broekman was invited to organize a workshop at the municipality of Groningen. The workshop focused on strategies for healthy mixed-use areas and the opportunities that the water structure inside the city offers. Attendance was high and diverse, with people from various professional backgrounds within the municiplality joining in on the conversation. As a result, a large amount of information and ideas were gathered. We were happy to uncover and discuss all the different development options Groningen has for its water structure. The discussed options varied from mobility, recreation and mixed use to climate adaptive development. It became clear that adding value of the water stands at the core of all ideas and offers a promising base for further investigation. Food for thought. Thank you Gemeente Groningen.

Legmeer next phase

Legmeer on to the next phase!

February 2019

On 5 February the specification Policy Legmeer was discussed in the RWN Committee (Space, Housing and Nature). It describes four development scenarios: 'Legmeer Zero', 'Legmeer Village', 'Productive City' and 'High Density'. The committee looked at accessibility, sustainability, program definition and finances. During the discussion it emerged that the city council prefers transformation to a mixed and affordable neighborhood with housing for various target groups. The ambition may be high!


This month, a public consultation trajectory starts for entrepreneurs, local residents and (future) residents. The development vision will be submitted to the council in mid-2019 for decision-making.

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Selected for Veldhuis Apeldoorn!

January 2019

marco.broekman and STIPO are selected by the municipality of Apeldoorn to develop a vision on the Veldhuis location along the Canal Zone. This interesting area is characterized by a mix of living and working, typical small Apeldoorn houses, large-scale retail buildings and valuable industrial heritage. Veldhuis is one of the last development locations along the canal, it is centrally located within the city and next to the railway station and has therefore a lot of potential to transform into a lively part of the city.

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Veldhuis Apeldoorn
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