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Merry X-mas and a happy new year!

December 2018

The office of marco.broekman is closed from

24 December - 6 January. Our team wishes you a very happy holidays and an inspiring 2019!

X-mas 2018

City of the future closing manifestation in Pakhuis de Zwijger

October, 2018

On the 30th of November the closing manifestation of the BNA research City of the Future took place in Pakhuis de Zwijger. We presented the results of our research proposal 'Havenstad Makerstad', a proposal for a productive, collective and regenerative new city part. We were happy to receive good comments on several of our focus points, such as our concept 'Time makes Space' and the new instrument 'Floor Space Mix Index'.

The presentation video will follow soon and in May the researches will be published. We keep you updated!

Team Havenstad Makerstad consists of Kraft, marco.broekman, More Architecten, Goudappel Coffeng and Stadkwadraat.

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City of the future De Zwijger

The 'M' of Merwede

October, 2018

We have been working hard on the preliminary design for Merwede. This area will transform into a sustainable and lively city district in the next coming years. The 'M' of Merwede is the first physical artwork of the area and stands along the Merwede canal. Come have a look!

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M of Merwede

Citytalk 'Making Schieoevers'

November 28th, 2018

TopDelft and the Gemeente Delft organized a discussion evening about the transformation of Schieoevers Noord - from a currently extensive used working district into a lively mixed used working-living quarter. 


Large potential for enriching the long industrial history of the site and its heritage, with room for a hand in hand development: innovative making industry, urban densification and public green shores on the Schie.


Open discussion with:

Rene Kluft (Festo), Theun Baller (3me, Technische Universiteit Delft), Gilbert Bal, Peter Boelhouwer, Marco Broekman, Derk van Schoten


Talks by:

- Andre Kuipers, on taking care of our planet

- Marco Broekman, on the ‘concept Development plan for Schieoevers Noord’

- Alderman Stephan Brandligt, on the participation proces the forthcoming months


For info on the ‘concept Development plan for Schieoevers Noord’ check:

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Citytalk Making Schie

COP Schieoevers Delft Noord

October, 2018

The executive board of the municipality of Delft has adopted the Concept Development Plan Schieoevers Noord (in Dutch: COP - Concept Ontwikkelplan). Marco.broekman developed the plan for the municipality of Delft, in close collaboration with Stadkwadraat. 


The document provides frameworks and conditions for the transformation of Schieoevers Noord into a lively working and living area, for both the short and the long term. Special attention in the transformation will be given to the innovative making industry in Delft as a key component for a future mixed urban quarter. The coming months we will develop the concept plan together with the city into a Definitive Development Plan.

A summary of the Concept Development Plan Schieoevers Noord can be downloaded here:

Article 'Gebied rond kabelfeabriek Delft wordt nieuwe wijk' by Ronnie Weessies:

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Day of the city

October, 2018

On Monday 29 October our research by design

Kade Eindhoven will be part of the event Day of the City in Amersfoort. The presentation is included in the section 'Veerkrachtige stad' ('Resilient city') in the session: 'Over het ontwerp van klimaatadaptieve maatregelen en het koppelen van opgaven' ('About connecting climate adaptive measures to social issues').

Come and join the session between 10:30 - 12:30 in the Circusschool. For more information about the Day of the City check:

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Dag vd stad

City of the future - Havenstad Makerstad

September, 2018

On Friday 12 October the third plenair meeting for the BNA research 'City of the future' took place. Our team, consisting of marco.broekman, KRFT, Moke, Goudappel Coffeng, Stadkwadraat and AMS, presented our vision and design methodology on the biggest transformation location of Amsterdam, Havenstad. We discussed topics like climate adaptation, inclusivity, circularity and the strategies that are needed to develop this 650 ha area. We gained feedback from the expert panel and we will now continue working on the last fase of the project in which we focus on the guiding design principles.

Watch the video of our presentation here:

Link website City of the Future:

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Havenstad 2

Lectures and Events

September, 2018

This month marco.broekman will contribute to several events with lectures and debates. On 27th of september Marco Broekman will present the Merwede project at the congres Utrecht Vastgoed 2018. On the 5th of October Marco Broekman will contribute to the 'Conversation with practices' in Brussels. This day is organized in the context of 'You Are Here', a Brussels program with exhibitions, urban debates and workshops part of the IABR-2018+2020. It will be a reflection on the future of the urban design practice.

27-09 Utrecht Vastgoed 2018 Merwede, Utrecht

Marco Broekman

05-10 Conversation with practices, Brussels

Marco Broekman

Besides, Tom Daamen (TU Delft) asked the office to give a contribution to Master City Developer-module 5: Urban Strategies & Concepts. Floris van der Zee and Jordy Stamps will elaborate on several running urban design projects of the office.


Utrecht vastgoed

Guiding principles REOS

September, 2018

marco.broekman is asked by the Cra to do a research by design on the five REOS locations of the Netherlands:

Amsterdam Zaan-IJ CorridorUtrecht Merwedekanaalzone, Eindhoven Stationsomgeving / Fellenoord, Den Haag CID / Binckhorst, Rotterdam Makers District. In collaboration with Stadkwadraat we will develop 'guiding principles' for these new type of mixed metropolitan environments.


Selected for Center vision Bladel!

September, 2018

On Monday 10 september the kick off for the Center vision Bladel took place. marco.broekman is one of the four offices that is asked by the municipality of Bladel - gate to the Kempen - to develop a vision and framework for challenges of the center. Mid December we will present our vision to the citizens and city council.

You can find our introduction video via the following link:

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Arnhems Buiten Den Brink

September, 2018

marco.broekman has been asked by the parkmanagement of Arnhems Buiten to make a vision for the development of the former KEMA-terrain ‘Den Brink’ in Arnhem. Founded in 1927, KEMA was the most specialized organization in the field of electricity in the Netherlands. The area is one of a kind and protected as national monument.

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Arnhems Buiten Den Brink

Pajottenland Brussel (BE)

August, 2018

marco.broekman, LAMA, Endeavour and Zero Emissions Solutions are selected to develop a vision on renewable energy in the Pajottenland, Belgium. Together with the province Flemish Brabant we will study this highly valuable landscape by generating ideas at a system level and relate energy to other urgent assignments in the region. Besides, the stakeholders and the process should provide insight in how it can be made. Both are key in developing sustainable landscapes that are appreciated by people and economically feasible: new energy landscapes!

Summer holidays

Summer holidays

30 Juli - 12 August, 2018

Our office is closed from 30 July to 12 August. We will be available again from Monday 13 August.


marco.broekman wishes you a nice summer holiday!

Opening Pluktuin Merwede!

Juli, 2018

Utrecht's new elderman Kees Diepeveen has opened the Pluktuin of Merwede. Pick a flower, and give it to somebody else! Organised by Unchain the Tigers for the Merwede owners collective.

Stay updated on the events in Merwede at

Pluktuin Merwede

KAdE Eindhoven

June, 2018

Great news! The Creative Industries fund and the Cultural Heritage Agency (in Dutch: RCE - Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed) grants subsidy to the designteam marco.broekman and Wittenveen+Bos to start the second phase of the research by design "KAdE Eindhoven" (KAdE, climate adaptive heritage). In this research spatial opportunities for climate adaptation will be investigated

in relation to the cultural historic value of typological structures in the city of Eindhoven, such as waterways, 

(high)streets, canals and motorways. Partners in the project are: Municipality of Eindhoven, Waterschap and the Dommel Erfgoedhuis.

Floris van der Zee will present the project during the climate adaptation event at the IABR2018, 04th of July:


Link agenda IABR2018:

KAdE 2nd phase

Lectures and Events

June, 2018

This month marco.broekman will contribute to different events with lectures and debates. On 19th of june Marco Broekman will present our vision on the densification of Houten at the “Let’s Dense” event of Province of Utrecht in Amersfoort. On the 25th of june Marco Broekman and Martin Knuit (OKRA) will present the Merwede project at the Architectencafé in Utrecht. Floris van der Zee contributes to the topic of climate adaptation at the IABR2018, with our project KAdE, 04th of july.

19-06 Let’s Dense, Amersfoort

Marco Broekman


25-06 Merwede, Utrecht

Marco Broekman


04-07 Klimaatadaptatie IABR, Rotterdam

Floris van der Zee

Lectures and events

Meet and Eat ‘XYZ’ VolkerWessels Telecom

June, 2018

On the 1st of of June Marco Broekman attended the annual Meet and Eat of VolkerWessels Telecom, this year’s theme is ‘XYZ’ He has been asked as a speaker because of the relevant projects and subjects the office of marco.broekman is working on. Marco presented his vision on the city of the future and what technology will bring, but also what challenges and dangers there will be. Projects like Merwede, Havenstad and Energytransition AMA were presented and discussed.

Link to video Meet and Eat 2018

XYZ meet and eat

Provada real estate fair

June, 2018

Marco Broekman will present two major urban developments at the Provada real estate fair on Wednesday 6 June: Merwede (Utrecht) and Schieoevers (Delft).

Merwede will be a new healthy, sustainable en lively district along the Merwedekanaal in Utrecht. The presentation will be given from 14:00 till 15:00 at the stand of the Region of Utrecht - Hall 12, Stand 1223.

Go to the projectpage >

Transformation area Schieoevers in Delft will be developed into a vibrant urban district in the form of a mixed milieu of living and working. marco.broekman makes the spatial framework for the transformation and will present the plan at 15:00 hour - Hal 12 Stand 27 

Go to the projectpage >

Link website Provada:


Credits: Lonneke Tubbing, Unchain the Tigers

Merwede Collegetour

May, 2018

On the 9th of May the first ‘Merwede Collegetour’ took place with an audience from in and around Merwede, Utrecht. With three speakers about the first Collegetour subject ‘sustainability' the kick-off at Kanaalweg 30 was a great succes. All scale levels were approached and represented by the different speakers. Gert van Vugt co-founder & CEO at Sustainer Homes who is operating from Merwede talked about the concept of new housing possibilities. Marco Broekman discussed sustainability on the urban scale, how Merwede asks for new solutions and invites everyone to follow the developments and participate in the process. The astronaut André Kuipers discussed sustainability on the world scale, for he is one of the few that has actualy seen the entire world from outer space. The next Merwede Collegetour will take place in the end of September, follow the updates at

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Merwede Collegetour

Healthy city as a habitat!

April, 2018

Proud that we could make a relevant contribution to the Rli advice ‘The Healthy City as a habitat’, where we developed design principles for the healthy city with the case study ‘Eindhoven takes care!’. On April the 18th the publication was received by program-DG Environment Act Erik Jan van Kempen. Our study was developed in collaboration with the municipality of Eindhoven (Frans Dijstelbloem), RWS (Lisanne Kusters), GGD Brabant South East (Inge v.d. Broek), RIVM and Joost Schrijnen.

Following a health-promoting approach, three themes with spatial interventions are investigated:

• Healthy and resilient neighborhoods

• Healthy mobility and connections

• Healthy and inclusive urban densification

In all three, people form the central point of departure.


The study shows the necessity of the mobility transition, how to make an inclusive healthy city and a proposal for a Health Map.

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Healthy city

Publication of Antwerp Metabolism

April, 2018

The report of the Metabolism Antwerp project is now available. Commissioned by the municipality of Antwerp, OVAM and Vlaams Bouwmeester, the team of FABRICations, Common Ground, Universiteit Antwerpen and marco.broekman approached the city from four angles:

• Energy transition & heat
• Healthy living & Air Quality
• Vital economies & Construction Chains
• Climate Adaptation & Drinkwater

Link report:

Go to project page >

Report Antwerp Metabolism

The office is warm!

April, 2018

On Friday the 6th of April, the office warming of marco.broekman & DubbeLL took place in Loods 6. Accompanied by clients, partners and friends a debate took place: ‘are we working towards a new bubble?’. Eight speakers held short pitches with their opinion about what is ‘beyond the bubbles’, the debate was moderated by Paul Gerritsen. After the debate it was time for drinks, food, music and more! We want to thank everyone for giving us a great start in our new office.

Office warming

Selected for Natuurlijke leefomgeving

Hart van Holland

March, 2018

marco.broekman and Flux Landscape Architecture are selected to develop a vision on the Natural living environment (Natuurlijke Leefomgeving) for Hart van Holland, a regional collaboration of ten municipalities surrounding the city of Leiden. Together with the municipality of Zoeterwoude we will organise a series of ateliers this year. For these sessions a diverse group of stakeholders will be invited to work on topics related to climate adaptation, water quality, biodiversity, soil subsidence and attractive landscapes with strong green-blue structures. Besides, we will interact with four parallel research processes in Hart van Holland this year: energy transition, urbanisation, mobility and digital information services.


Energy Cafe Arnhem!

March, 2018

On thursday 15th of March Marco Broekman presented their spatial-economical vision “Hotspot Energy” at the Energy Café Arnhem, hosted bij Edwin Verdurmen (CASA), with elderman Ron König receiving the vision in the form of a flyer. The vision focuses on the three major campus areas IPKW, HAN/HVHL and Arnhems Buiten, but also the surroundings of the station area as an urban innovation environment. The vision strengthens the strategic alignment and programmatic cooperation between IPKW, HAN/HVHL and Arnhems Buiten, but also defined concrete projects for the short term. Commissioned by the municipality of Arnhem and the Province of Gelderland, in collaboration with city economist Willem van Winden. Photo credits: Studio Arnhem Fotografie

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Energy cafe
Schieoevers Delft

Selected for Schieoevers Delft

March, 2018

Transformation area Schieoevers in Delft will be developed into a vibrant urban district in the form of a mixed milieu of living and working.

The municipality of Delft has asked marco.broekman to define the spatial framework for the transformation of Schieoevers-North (77 ha) and to make a development plan.


A set of (spatial) rules and conditions will be determined to realize high ambitions in terms of densities, degree of program mix and liveability. This way marco.broekman helps to guide a complex step-by-step development for a large number of divers stakeholders. This process is in close collaboration with Stadkwadraat concerning feasibility and a development strategy.

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Amstelveen Legmeer

Selected for Legmeer Amstelveen

March, 2018

The team of marco.broekman and Stadkwadraat has been selected by the municipality of Amstelveen to create a development framework for the open space and a development strategy for the 33 hectares business district of Legmeer, Amstelveen.

The municipality is looking for a way of planning that can guarantee qualities of the area, but provides enough flexibility for a changing programme, changing users and a changing programme. Priority lays in the way of working together with all the owners and investors of the area, together with the municipality we would like to explore the possibilities.

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Havenstad Amsterdam

Selected for Havenstad Amsterdam

February, 2018

The team of marco.broekman, KRFT, Moke architecten, Goudappel Coffeng, Stadkwadraat, and AMS has been selected for the BNA research “City of the future”. The team will investigate the development location Havenstad in Amsterdam. This area will transform from industrial site to a mixed working-living area with 40.000 to 70.000 houses. A good mixing strategy considering phasing, program and spatial configuration is crucial. The municipality of Amsterdam also has high ambitions for mobility. 


Other themes this team will work on are energy, climate adaptation, circular systems and urbanisation.

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Vision for urban landscape South-Holland

January, 2018

The team of marco.broekman, Vereniging Deltametropool and NOHNIK completed its study on the urban landscape and green-blue network of the Province of South-Holland. The study introduces the concept for a metropolitan landscape park on scale of the South Wing.


Currently urbanization and urgent assignments like climate adaptation, health and energy transition offer an opportunity to strengthen the spatial cohesion, the business climate and the quality of life of the South-Holland metropolitan area if we combine it with scaling up our approach regarding the urban landscape. The typical water structures of South-Holland provide a strong base for a green-blue network metropolis: landscapes around, in-between as well as inside the cities are well connected, easily accessible and of metropolitan quality.


This vision was presented earlier at the landscape triennial in September 2017. It forms the result of a productive process with a broad group of stakeholders (Province of South-Holland, municipalities of Rotterdam, Den Haag, Leiden, Dordrecht, Staatsbosbeheer, waterboards, Rijkswaterstaat, and entrepreneurs).



Go to project page >


Winner Hembrug!

January, 2018

We are very proud that we are part of the winning team of the Hembrug tender, led by ABC Planontwikkeling, consisting of Fakton Capital, MOOI lost op, Stadkwadraat, marco.broekman, VenhoevenCS and GROUP A. The formerly military terrain of 30 hectares, with multiple monumental buildings and landscape elements, will be transformed in a mixed living and working environment. Allready in the tenderphase the team has worked together with stakeholders in and around the area. marco.broekman was responsible for the urban planning strategy (with VenhoevenCS) and the landscape vision. We are looking forward to work together with the ABC team, stakeholders of the area and city of Zaanstad.

More information:

New office

New year, new office!

January, 2018

marco.broekman is moving to a new office! From Monday 15 January, our office will be located at Loods 6, where we will be sharing an office space with IAA architecten and DubbeLL Buurt Ontwikkelaars. Our new address will be: KNSM-Laan 53, 1019 LB Amsterdam. You can still contact us by phone via +31 20 7372085.

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