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KAdE Selected for 'Urbanism for Extremes II'

December, 2017

Our project proposal ‘’KAdE Eindhoven’’ has been selected for the open call ‘’Urbanism for Extremes II’’ by the Creative Industries fund and the Cultural Heritage Agency (in Dutch: RCE - Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed). marco.broekman and Witteveen+Bos start a research by design on climate adaptation in relation to cultural heritage in the region of Eindhoven: Klimaat Adaptief Erfgoed (KAdE, climate adaptive heritage). We will look into spatial opportunities for water and cultural heritage experiences, with respect to cultural-historical heritage structures, in a context of urgent spatial tasks such as healthy urbanization, mobility and climate adaptation. For this project we will collaborate with the municipality of Eindhoven, Waterschap de Dommel and Erfgoedhuis Eindhoven.

Selected for open call masterplan Haspershoven

November, 2017

The team of marco.broekman and LINT has been selected for the open call “masterplan Haspershoven in Overpelt”. The area of Haspershoven is 10 hectares and lies between the two urban centres of Overpelt and Neerpelt. The area should be transformed in a high dense living area with outstanding qualities in public space, landscape, sustainability and mobility. With the masterplan, the municipality of Overpelt wants to define the urban structure, the ambitions on sustainability, the image quality but also the development strategy in terms of phasing, ground policy and participation. We will start soon with a site visit!

More information about this project on:

PLAN B Store Emmen!

November, 2017

For one week marco.broekman, Stadkwadraat and Floor Ziegler opened the PLAN B Store in Emmen. The vacant shop in the Hoofdstraat opened its doors for everyone to participate and think about the future of the city center of Emmen from Monday the 30th of October till Friday the 3th of November. The PLAN B Store was a place for meetings, experiments and popup-events, where we used a space for a design studio on location. Together with citizens, property owners, shopkeepers, civil servants and entrepreneurs, we collected and visualised a lot of promising and interesting ideas. Now is the time for next steps…


More information about the PLAN B Store on:


The PLAN B store also appeared on and Dagblad van het Noorden.

Urban plan Merwede online!

October, 2017

Proudly we present the results of one year of intensive collaborating with the 7 owners of Merwede, the civil servants of the city of Utrecht, the stakeholders of the area and the design team. The Sketch Design Urban Plan shows that Merwede will be a healthy, sustainable and mixed city district. It will be a "living lab" (‘’proeftuin’’) for innovations in energy neutrality, circular systems, mobility, health and new housing concepts. marco.broekman has been involved in the development of the first principles of the urban vision in 2016 and is now leading the design team with partners Stadkwadraat, OKRA Landschapsarchitecten, Goudappel Coffeng, Merosch and Skonk. The plan is commissioned by seven of the land owners: Janssen de Jong Projectontwikkeling, BPD, Ramphastos, investor Roto Smeets plot, M7, VVE Merwede and Gemeente Utrecht. The urban plan will be worked out from sketch design to preliminary design in the next coming months.

The Sketch Design Urban Plan can be downloaded on the website of the municipality of Utrecht.

PLAN B Store in Emmen!

October, 2017

marco.broekman, Stadkwadraat and Floor Ziegler are opening PLAN B Store: Emmen, together with local citymakers and the municipality. A vacant shop in the heart of the city will be the platform for new ideas about the future of the centre of Emmen, from Monday October 30th till Friday 3th of November. How do we make a vital city centre and how do we deal with vacancy? The door is open to everyone interested: inspiring workshops, sketch sessions, lunch meetings and spontaneous events. The week will be concluded with a presentation by marco.broekman, Stadkwadraat and Floor Ziegler about their research by design project PLAN B on vital inner cities of Dutch mid-size cities. Please visit us at Hoofdstraat 49, Emmen. The research is supported by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund.

More information on:

New commission in Houten

October, 2017

Houten represents a new (spatial) period, which builds further on the highly qualitative developments of the ‘groeikern’ period and the ‘VINEX’ expansion. marco.broekman has been selected to make an urban exploration for the municipality of Houten, whereby we will investigate the DNA of Houten and the various possibilities for new housing developments. In our opinion new developments offer opportunities to (re)strengthen the position in the region and work on new contemporary theme’s like demography, energy transition, mobility and climate change. Together with Stadkwadraat we will develop different spatial scenarios, which will go further than current policies and thoughts. The scenario’s will be used for an open, political debate with the council, prior to the municipality elections in March, and make Houten ready for its next step.

Book presentation Future Urban Regions at Pakhuis de Zwijger

Marco Broekman is the co-author of the book “Urban Challenges, Resilient Solutions”, which will be presented on the 3th of October at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. The publication is a cooperation between trancity x valiz and the research group Future Urban Regions (FUR), which is connected to the Dutch Academies of Architecture in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Tilburg. The book presents new models for thinking about contemporary cities, focusing on healthy urbanism and research by design methods. Marco has been researcher for the last 4 years and was co-responsible for the research on Healthy Urbanism, and more specifically the topic of Vital Economy, with a focus on the case studies IPKW, 22@ and High Streets London. He guided several design studios at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

More info about the book presentation on:

September, 2017

Ambition document ArenAPoort signed!

September, 2017

On the 14th of September, the city of Amsterdam, developers, investors and real estate owners of the ArenaPoort presented their ambitions for ArenAPoort and signed the Ambition document, developed by SITE and marco.broekman. A unique moment in which the cooperating parties show that ArenAPoort can be a distinctive urban center in Amsterdam, with the appeal that fits a modern metropolis. This process has been guided by SITE Urban Development, with whom marco.broekman has worked together on the Ambition document. Important principles of the vision are Urban Fabric, Urban Arena, the Life Line, Smart Access, Fit for Life and Place Management.

Featured in 'SPOT ON'

September, 2017

Two of our projects are featured in the publication 'SPOT ON - landschap als vestigingsvoorwaarde'. This publication and research is an initiative of Vereniging Deltametropool in cooperation with Wagening UR, Rijksdienst voor Cultuureel Erfgoed, Staatsbosbeheer and TU Delft. Our project about the Urban landscape of the province of South-Holland is featured in the chapter 'Nieuwe Maakbaarheid' and for the pilotproject 'Mooi snel' we contributed with a map and sections of the bycycle network in the metropolitan region Rotterdam Den Haag.

The book is available for €9,95 and can be ordered on:, where you can find more information about the publication and research.

Landscape Triennial 2017

September, 2017

In september, the 2017 Landscape Triennial about ‘The next landscape’ is being organised in PARK21 (Hoofddorp/Nieuw-Vennep).


On the 12th of september, marco.broekman presents the vision for the urban landscape of the province of South-Holland in the symposium ‘The next (Living) Landscape’. Our study and the resulting agenda for the urban landscape will be centre of a debate concerning the South Wing and North Wing of the Randstad. We developed the study in collaboration with Vereniging Deltametropool and NOHNIK architecture and landscapes.

On the 22th of september, marco.broekman will present their study "Energy Transition in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area”, which has been made in close collaboration with Posad, ECN, Province of North Holland, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, city of Amsterdam and other stakeholders. At this day, governmental organisations, designers and researchers will discuss the spatial implication of the energy transition on the scale of the Netherlands and the different regions.


The full program and more information about the Landscape Triennial can be found on the website:

Hotspot Energy Arnhem

June, 2017

The municipality of Arnhem and the Province of Gelderland have commissioned marco.broekman the assignment to develop an spatial-economical vision on Arnhem as ‘Hotspot Energy’. In the development of the vision, special attention goes to the three major campus areas IPKW, HAN/HVHL and Arnhems Buiten, but also the surroundings of the station area as an urban innovation environment. The main goal is to brand Arnhem as ‘Energy Hotspot’, by strengthening the strategic alignment and programmatic cooperation between IPKW, HAN/HVHL and Arnhems Buiten. In collaboration with city economist Willem van Winden, marco.broekman will develop the vision in the period from June 2017 till January 2018 through a number of workshops with important stakeholders. On the scale of the city and the region, and the level of the campuses, both short and long term projects will be put on the agenda.

Merwedekanaalzone at the PROVADA

May, 2017

Signing and presentation MWKZ05 at the PROVADA

The owners of subarea 5 of the Merwedekanaalzone have confirmed their cooperation on the PROVADA in an ‘agreement on main lines’. At the stand of the Region of Utrecht, the municipality of Utrecht, developers BPD and Janssen de Jong and a local investor from the area concluded this agreement. On behalf of the design team, Marco Broekman presented the concept urban plan.

Ambition document ARENAPOORT

April, 2017

The tipping point for the center of Amsterdam Zuidoost is (finally) there. A new dynamic is coming up in the area of Amsterdamse Poort and Arenaboulevard, the ‘ARENAPOORT’, with major initiatives like the Urban Interactive District and the ING campus. The area will gradually transform from a mono-functional district into a diverse urban center with a mix of living, working, leisure and retail. But the area needs a more coherent vision. To develop this vision a process has been started by SITE Urban Development, with whom marco.broekman will work closely together. The project is commissioned by private and public stakeholders of the area, like City of Amsterdam, G&S/OVG, CBRE, Amsterdam Arena, Provast, ING, OMC, Blauwhoed, Ymere and Live Nation. The future perspective of the area will be explored on different themes, such as program mix, densification, mobility, public space and sustainability.  Through a range of workshops with the different stakeholders of the area, the ambition document will be delivered in july 2017.

Book presentation FLEX TEST ROC!

March, 2017

On the 28th of March, marco.broekman and Dingeman Deijs Architects presented the results of the research by design-project ‘FLEX TEST ROC’ at the OBA Amsterdam. The research takes the existing ecosystem of mbo-education (vocational education) in Amsterdam as a starting point for the design of a new housing strategy that will make education an integral part of the city, with the aim of making education, business and society more intertwined. By making the places where these three worlds meet public, a flexible learning/working ecosystem will be created. This obviously questions more than just solutions on the spatial domain. In a compact session with professionals from the education-field, architects and other interested visitors, the findings of the research were discussed.

The book was officially handed over to Maarten Lammers from the OBA and all attendees of the book presentation. Interested? Please send an e-mail to The book is available for €12,50. 

Selected for the urban landscape of South-Holland!

March, 2017

The team of marco.broekman, Vereniging Deltametropool and NOHNIK architecture and landscapes has been selected out of four parties to develop a vision on the urban landscape and green-blue network of the Province of South-Holland. With ongoing urbanisation, challenges of climate change, health and stronger competitiveness of the region, the urban landscape needs a more coherent perspective. Through workshops with different stakeholders a new legenda and agenda will be developed, which gives the Province of South-Holland tools to implement the vision in co-creation with the cities and the region. The study will be finished in October 2017.

Proeftuin Erasmusveld wins BPD-competition Erasmusveld Den Haag

February, 2017

The team of marco.broekman, LINT landscape interventions and Workshop Architecten designed the (winning) proposal “De Proeftuin” for the redevelopment site Erasmusveld. On the basis of core values ‘health’, ‘city’ and ‘living together’ a vision for the new neighbourhood is developed, with an elaboration for the first phase. The urban design for a residential park is located along an eco-belt and exists out of four collective housing blocks and small scale clusters of ground bound dwellings. A housing block of a 100 dwellings is designed for the first phase. The building volume reacts to the park through its terraced volume and inner court which opens up to the eco-belt with water garden. BPD has the intention to continue and develop a preliminary design.

Nieuw Stadseiland

January, 2017

On the 25th of January, at the aorta manifestation ‘’Shared Space’’ in Het Huis Utrecht, marco.broekman presented their vision on Stadseiland Utrecht (City-Island Utrecht), together with Gerwin de Vries (LINT) and Marije van Bork (HIK). In the transformation to a high quality urban area, the identity of the urban island is central. Het Nieuwe Stadseiland (The New City-Island) becomes an example for sustainable urbanization, with smart mobility forms, sustainable public space, new living concepts and innovative energy solutions. 

PLAN B continues!

January, 2017

Our research proposal PLAN B has been granted with a subsidy of the Creative Industry Fund. The research by design project focusses on spatial strategies that strengthen the vitality and adaptability of midsized inner cities. marco.broekman works together with Floor Ziegler and Stadkwadraat. In three cities we will start with a comparative research in close collaboration with stakeholders in the cities: Heerhugowaard, Emmen and Oss. The emphasis is to develop a concrete set of instruments (spatial, financial, organizational), and testing our multi-disciplinary approach. The comparative research will run from February till October 2017.

The Productive City in Brussels

January, 2017

marco.broekman participated in the "Designing the Future debate series” in Brussels with Floris van der Zee presenting and debating in the afternoon session and Marco Broekman giving a lecture about the IABR project The Productive City, Circulair Beurskwartier, FLEX TEST ROC and the importance of research by design.  He debated with Bleri Lleshi (philosopher, activist and documentary filmmaker), Alain Deneef (intendant of Brussels Metropolitan), Stijn Oosterlynck (prof. urban sociology, UAntwerpen) and Soumia El Majdoub (entrepreneur, diversity consultant, trainer and project manager). The Designing the Future debate series are devoted to the development of a shared agenda for designing a better future, presented by Atelier Brussels in the framework of the exhibition ‘A Good City Has Industry’ at Bozar. Public debate moderated by AWB.

Inspiration-evening Merwedekanaalzone

January, 2017

marco.broekman presented their vision on the Merwedekanaalzone area 5 at the inspiration-evening Merwedekanaalzone on january the 10th. The purpose of this evening was to start a discussion with municipality, landowners, developers, residents of Utrecht and other stakeholders about the projected development of the Merwedekanaalzone.

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