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BURA urbanism whishes you a wonderful holiday and fabulous 2022!

December 2021

During the course of this dynamic year BURA worked on some fantastic projects together with our ambitious team, clients and partner offices. For urban plans like Hemburg Zaandam, Merwede Utrecht, Wernink Leiden and Schieoevers Noord Delft, we had to make important decisions that have brought the projects closer to realisation. At the same time, we started with new strategic projects like Bleizo West, inner city of Zwolle, station area Eindhoven, Spoorzone Arnhem Oost, Corpus Groningen and A7 corridor. Furthermore, we are doing new research project, such as “Thuis op Hoogte”, HMC2, “Mobility of the future” and “G6 Vital Inner cities’’, in order to work on solutions for urgent topics related to sustainability, mobility and growth. We are looking forward to working further on projects and to come another step closer to our mission to make a more sustainable and healthy environment. We wish you happy holidays and a healthy start of 2022!