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First prize for High-rise Innovation Award!

January 2021

The research proposal 'Thuis op hoogte' by BURA urbanism and CIVIC Architects won the first prize for High-rise Innovation Award! Stichting Hoogbouw announced the winner during the digital New Year's meeting on 25 January. In this design research we set out to study how diverse, inclusive and resilient communities can be created in high-rise buildings, not only at the scale of the building, but also at the scale of the so-called high-rise neighborhood. We aspire to create a model for an accessible, affordable and loved high-rise tower, where various social groups can find a place to live and which can create positive spin-off effects for the neighborhood it is located in. One of the challenges here is to come up with innovative forms of ownership and financial models within the high-rise building, which will make a desired mix of functions and social groups possible. BURA urbanism and Civic - Public Architecture will collaborate on this research, supported by sociologist Lia Karsten and economist Theo Stauttener. In this way, the design principles will be inspired by and linked to innovative economic strategies and social insights.

more information here

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Think about Schieoevers Noord!

January 2021

BURA urbanism developed a (concept) spatial quality framework for the transformation of Schieoevers Noord. The participation process of the project has started and the plan for the industrial area was presented on January the 14th. Floris van der Zee provided an explanation on behalf of the Municipality of Delft on the basis of the DNA Schieoevers that has been drawn up. Concrete proposals for the Kabeldistrict and Delfts Schiekwartier were also presented.

You can find the presentation and more information here

Project page

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Merwede between the ten best urban development projects of 2020

January 2021

Great news to start 2021! The Dutch magazine de Architect NL listed our urban plan for Merwede Utrecht among the ten best urban development projects of 2020.

You can read the article here

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