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BURA is directed by partners Marco Broekman (1973) and Floris van der Zee (1987).

Marco Broekman

Marco Broekman (1973) is an architect and urban designer. He is partner of BURA, an internationally operating design office. Marco Broekman has over 20 years of experience with complex projects in the fields of urban design, research by design, architecture and landscape architecture at home and abroad. In 2014 Marco started his own office ‘marco.broekman’ which evolved in BURA urbanism in 2020. 


Besides, Marco is a guest tutor at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, and was teaching at the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam, Maastricht, the RMIT University in Melbourne and the University of Lund. He was a researcher at the research group Future Urban Regions. He appears regularly as a visiting critic, has written articles for various periodicals, and lectures frequently at home and abroad. Marco is part of the Quality team of the Southern Inner City of Arnhem. 


Marco Broekman studied architecture at Eindhoven University of Technology and registered as an urban designer with the Dutch Architects Registration Bureau in 2012. Marco worked as an urban designer and project manager at Kaap3, collaborating with Riek Bakker on major urban strategies. In 2006, he joined Karres en Brands, where he was a senior project manager and associate partner with a special focus on complex projects at the intersection of urban design, infrastructure and landscape.

Floris van der Zee

Floris van der Zee (1987) is an architect and urban designer. He became partner of BURA urbanism in 2020, after working together with Marco Broekman for multiple years. Before Floris worked for a range design offices in Belgium and the Netherlands. He graduated in both architecture and urbanism in 2013 at TU Delft (NL), where his graduation project was awarded a honourable mention. Nowadays Floris is also involved in education as a (guest) teacher in several institutions in the Netherlands, including Academies of Architecture in Amsterdam and Tilburg, as well as at the faculty Architecture and the Built Environment in Delft.


Floris van der Zee has a sharp eye for clear and strong spatial concepts as a means to translate complex urban assignments into coherent and concrete spatial proposals. He is experienced in complex stakeholder processes, multidisciplinary spatial assignments and the development of urban plan, regional visions and research by design. He has expertise in the areas of mixed urban living- and workingmilieus, station environments, town- and village centers, complex innercity transformation locations and urban landscapes.

Photo credits: Joost Bataille

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