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Hapert urban vision




Gemeente Bladel


2020 – 2021


Floris van der Zee, Jordy Stamps, Martha Seitanidou, Basia van Rijt, Timothy Simons


A vision for urban development in the village (center) of Hapert






final presentation

A number of major developments are taking place in Hapert, which offers a huge opportunity to strengthen the urban coherence for the village centre in particular. We propose a vision which is both realistic and challenging. Therefore, we see three main challenges: creating an identity that suits the village, make an attractive and diverse living environment and develop in a sustainable and healthy way. The vision proposes three promising interventions in response to these assignments:


  • Brabant ribbon development as green and built identifiers of the village, which takes the natural quality of the Brabantse Kempen into Hapert and offers attractive routes for walking and biking.

  • The green village entrances are sustainable developments which welcomes you when you enter Hapert from the provincial road.

  • Strenghten and densifying the village centre, by redesigning the public space in front of the multifunctional accommodation (MFA) into a green square. In addition, new built houses with a collective garden will be added at two locations. We pay attention to its architectural quality and scale, since this is key in this kind of villages.


By adding new housing for different groups, creating meeting places and greening the village and attention for biodiversity and healthy environments, we built a vital and resilient Hapert.  

New built houses with a collective garden will be added at two locations

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