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Valued high-rise
Research by design
Research by design

Valued high-rise

BURA - 210121_merwede best urban projects

In the context of the High-Rise innovation Award, BURA has announced with the research ‘Thuis op Hoogte’ how high-rise buildings can be loved, involved and connected.

A design research focused on an applicable method to make living in high-rise buildings loving, connected, involved and affordable.

An interim report of the research by design that was done in the context of the Highrise Innovation Award of the Stichting Hoogbouw.

Rick ten Doeschate (Civic Architects), Theo Stauttener (Stadkwadraat), Lia Karsten (Universiteit van Amsterdam).

Stichting hoogbouw

November 2020 – July 2022

Marco Broekman, Geert Das, Basia van Rijt, Frank de Boer en Steijn Visser.

Exploring valuable high-rise buildings
With ‘Thuis op Hoogte’, BURA has explored how high-rise buildings can be loved, involved and connected. The urgency to build more homes is high and high-rise buildings can play a role in this. High-rise buildings are being looked at in large and smaller cities as the means of realising high-density homes. Besides the question of whether high-rise is always the best means, it has different manifestations and has a major impact on the spatial, social and programmatic structures in a neighbourhood. We conclude that the solution for popular high-rise buildings goes beyond the building alone.

BURA - Bura_thuis_op_hoogte_concept
BURA - Bura_thuis_op_hoogte_schaal_en_thema_en
Urban scales and themes.
BURA - Bura_thuis op hoogte_aanbevelingen_verankerend
High-rise buildings should be connected to the neighbourhood surroundings.
BURA - Bura_thuis op hoogte_aanbevelingen_meerwaarde
High-rise buildings must create added value.
BURA - 2104_thuis op hoogte_aanbevelingen_ontmoeting
Space for encounter.
BURA - Bura_thuis op hoogte_aanbevelingen_mixandmatch
Mix and match.

The four recommendations
Based on what we have found so far, we have come up with four recommendations:

  • High-rise buildings must be anchored in the neighbourhood: an area-oriented approach is the starting point for connected and popular high-rise buildings.
  • High-rise buildings must create added value: to be an asset to the neighbourhood, high-rise buildings must add qualities that are not only relevant for the building itself, but also contribute to the environment.
  • Space for encounter: high-rise buildings must make for social interaction both internally and in connection with the public space.
  • Mix and match: it is better to look for a good connection between the social mix in high-rise buildings and that in the surrounding area..
BURA - Bura_thuis op hoogte_hoofdillustatratie
High-rise living.

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