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The mobility movement
Design research mobility of the future
Design research mobility of the future

The mobility movement

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The Mobility Movement is an initiative that focuses on mobility challenges and its complex relationships with an increasing number of social issues.

Visualize possible transition paths to sustainable mobility systems

A short film that shows mobility issues are intertwined with larger societal challenges


Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat WVL, Mobility Movement


2021 – 2022

Floris van der Zee, Basia van Rijt, Frank de Boer and Floor Riensema

A critical film
As one of five diverse Dutch design firms, BURA has participated in a design study to help visualize possible transition paths to sustainable mobility systems. In the form of a critical short film, we show how mobility issues are intertwined with larger social challenges and developments in cities, with the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam as a case study. An animated cross-section and floor plan show the changes in space, organization and use over time from the once railway yard to the current city boulevard and beyond.

The mobility movement generates new narratives for a mobility of the future by exploring possibilities to think different, look different and ultimately act different.

BURA - Mobiliteit van de toekomst_2021_bura_ego eco_tegel

The road to a sustainable future is not a paved road. Technological and social developments have always changed and influenced our mobility systems. The story used the values ​​of ECO and EGO to show the dynamics at play, the relationship between nature, humans and the genesis of our representative urban environments. Can we put a more ECO-centric perspective on our way of life, or are we going the other way? What if one of these values ​​is dominant? Does that show a future we desire, or develop into a dystopia?

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