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Everyone feels the potential of Arnhem-East
Development Perspective Arnhem-Oost
Development Perspective Arnhem-Oost

Everyone feels the potential of Arnhem-East

BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_spoorpark impression_highres

The city has the ambition to develop the Arnhem East railway zone into an area where living, working and recreation come together.

Gaining insight into opportunities and challenges in the field of living, working and the living environment on the scale of Spoorzone Arnhem-Oost

The Development Perspective Rail Zone Arnhem-Oost, which forms the basis for the implementation agenda


Municipality of Arnhem

Municipality of Arnhem


Marco Broekman, Jordy Stamps, Yun-shih Chen, Martha Seitanidou, Margaux Demange

An integral development
Arnhem-East is in the picture. In collaboration with the municipality of Arnhem, BURA has drawn up the development perspective Spoorzone Arnhem-Oost, after which the area has been added as the 17th large-scale housing area of ​​the government. The perspective outlines an integral story of urbanisation, greening and with a focus on pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_economy and work in railway zone_highres
Economy and work

Spoorzone Arnhem-Oost has been assigned as the national government’s 17th large-scale housing area.

BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_spoorpark impression_highres
Spoorzone Arnhem-Oost: the result of an intensive collaborations between municipal disciplines.

Combining forces
In several interactive online work sessions with various municipal disciplines, various tasks and ambitions have been brought together and an attractive perspective for Arnhem-East has been outlined. BURA sees joining forces and making natural connections as an important urban challenge.

BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_rijnpark impression_highres
Impressions working area and Rijnpark on the river
BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_impression of the knowledge axis_highres
Impressions working area and Rijnpark on the river

A robust urban framework
BURA came up with a concept with six interventions that work on a robust urban framework and a new railway park that connects different neighbourhoods and programs. In addition, we have tested and designated areas for the urbanisation task; 8,000-10,000 homes and future-proof work areas.

BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_explanation of ambitions_edit-01
Urban framework: network
BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_explanation of ambitions_edit-04
Urban framework: living and working spaces
BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_explanation of ambitions_edit-03
Urban framework: program
BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_explanation of ambitions_edit-02
Urban framework: railway park
BURA - Arnhem oost_2021_bura_ambition map railway zone arnhem-east_edit
Ambition map Spoorpark Arnhem-East

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