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An attractive future perspective
Panorama South-Holland
Panorama South-Holland

An attractive future perspective

BURA - Pzh_2020_stadshaven als logistieke hub_cropped

Panorama South-Holland outlines a future perspective which shows the coherence, spatial impact and opportunities of various current challenges.

Entering into discussions about spatial quality and stimulating integrated collaboration in the province of South Holland with the help of design

The Panorama South-Holland; twelve images in which major social challenges are incorporated in an attractive perspective

Province of South-Holland

Province of South-Holland

2019 -2020

Marco Broekman, Jordy Stamps, Yunshih Chen, Marina Lysenkova, Katrin Schneider and Timothy Simons.

Inspiring workshops
In twelve online workshops BURA investigated together with almost a hundred participants how we can work towards an attractive, functional and future-proof South Holland. With our knowledge of the major transitions and attention to spatial quality, we showed the complexity and we outlined an attractive future perspective for the province of South-Holland.

BURA devised the set-up for the workshops in consultation with the client. We selected twelve representative locations and associated assignments and processed these into a basic image. This image was central to the conversations during the workshops where we wrote down and drew our ideas. Together we discussed the integral challenges of urbanisation, greening and energy. We have reprocessed the images from the workshop into the Panorama Zuid-Holland.

BURA - Panorama zh - g. rijk boerenland_cropped
Result online workshop

We showed the complexity and we outlined an attractive future perspective for the province of South-Holland.

BURA - Pzh_2020_landschapspark zuidvleugel_basisbeeld_cropped
Basic image Zuidvleugel
BURA - Pzh_2020_landschapspark zuidvleugel_eindbeeld_cropped
Future perspective Zuidvleugel

The Panorama gives five recommendations for good spatial quality:

  1. In addition to existing qualities, also show what can and can be created
  2. Combine functions and ambitions where possible and choose where necessary
  3. Nobility required: the province has a central position in the regie
  4. The regional scale level is important to be able to implement the transitions
  5. Embrace the complexity, also in the approach
BURA - Panorama zuid holland_1912_bura_basisbeeld
Basic images
BURA - Panorama zuid holland_1912_bura_workshopbeeld
Result online workshops
BURA - Panorama zuid holland_1912_bura_eindbeeld
Future perspective South-Holland

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