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A green, sturdy and lively city
Vision Veldhuis
Vision Veldhuis

A green, sturdy and lively city

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Veldhuis should become an example of sustainable inner-city densification in Apeldoorn. BURA and the municipality of Apeldoorn have drawn up a vision for a green, sturdy and lively city.

Densification and greening of Veldhuis in Apeldoorn. An area with typical Apeldoorn houses and old industrial buildings within walking distance of the station.

A vision for Veldhuis in Apeldoorn. The project has received national subsidy for the housing impulse (WBI).


Municipality of Apeldoorn

Stipo (participation 2019)

2019 – 2021

Marco Broekman, Jordy Stamps, Martha Seitanidou, Yara Alnashawati, Martijn Al, Mariëtte Harms and Guido Martin.

A robust framework
BURA designed an urban concept including a robust framework which respects the existing structure and adds a new layer to it. This will make the area fordable and add new parks and routes. We have studied an urban model in which the approximately 780 new-build homes, existing ensembles and industrial buildings provide a characteristic and attractive part of the city.

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Green qualities of the Veluwe expressed in the design of the buildings and public space
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Integrating old and new
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Vertical green
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Lively plinths
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Roof landscape
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Sun- and daylight

A walkable and green neighbourhood
Important pillars of the plan are the green character and mobility concept. BURA expresses the green quality of the Veluwe in the design of the buildings and the public space. The former Kayersbeek will also be redeveloped, including park and paths. We are creating a car-free area and the pedestrian central. In this way we create a pleasant living environment where people like to be and can meet each other in many places.

BURA - 1904_veldhuis_2021_bura_iso_voorbeelduitwerking_spoorzone
Example parcellation Railway zone
BURA - 1904_veldhuis_2021_bura_iso_voorbeelduitwerking
Example parcellation Veldhuis

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