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Vleugels van Gorinchem




Provincie Zuid-Holland, Gemeente Gorinchem


September 2020 – March 2021


Marco Broekman, Robert ten Elsen, Jacopo Grilli, Jimmy Peijnenburg


Development plan transformation working areas





BURA has been selected as strategic advisor to supervise the inner-city transformation of the so-called "Vleugels van Gorinchem", commissioned by the Municipality of Gorinchem and Province of South Holland. The ‘Vleugels van Gorinchem’ contains of three large urban transformation areas, in between the beautiful historic centre and the housing neighbourhoods in the North West. It includes the station area, Schelluinsestraat and Lingeoevers. What the areas have in common is the abundance of water surrounding the areas, like the Linge, Merwedekanaal, Kanaal van Steenenhoek and the waterbody opposite the station. Key question is how a sustainable transformation can be pursued for the long term, taking into account the various stages of projects and the spatial, programmatic and financial conditions.  Aim is to realise mixed environments in such a way that social added value is created for project area, the city as well as the region. In order to actually implement area transformation, a “development plan” will be set up, including a spatial framework, with clear choices for land use and the phasing of specific areas that can already transform. Our role in the process is to jump-start the project by creating momentum. This momentum is needed to connect various stakeholders and to make the right decisions for a good business case, connecting short term actions to a long-term strategy.

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