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Corpus den Hoord-Zuid




Municipality of Groningen


October 2021 - February 2022


Marco Broekman, Bart Claassen, Basia van Rijt, Dorottya Békési, Floor Riensema


Vision document


Stec Groep



BURA urbanism and Stec Group have been appointed to develop a spatial vision document for one of Groningen’s most important working districts: Corpus den Hoorn-Zuid. The district, in the South West of Groningen, consists of the Martini hospital and several other companies in the health sector. Here, the municipality of Groningen wishes to provide spatial solutions that can mitigate emerging global issues within the coming years.


The main challenges will be to make the area more attractive and locally accessible, as well as providing room for expansion of existing and new industries and businesses in order to facilitate growth of the ‘Healthy Ageing’ and ‘Science & Health’ clusters. At the same time, pressure on available space in the city is increasing due to the current housing shortage, resulting in limited development opportunities for other uses.


The vision document should therefore provide direction for the development of urban program, the functional mix, investments in public space, mobility and other ambitions in accordance with the different stakeholders. BURA and Stec Group will develop the document in collaboration with the Municipality of Groningen and Martini Hospital, while other stakeholders from the area will be closely involved.

Aerial photo 

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