Centrum-Binnenstad Zwolle




Gemeente Zwolle




Marco Broekman, Robert ten Elsen, Milja Hartikainen, Rebecca Smink


Development Program for Zwolle Center-Inner City 


B+B, Studio Bereikbaar, Stadkwadraat and Merosch



A team led by BURA urbanism has been selected to work on the Zwolle Center-Inner City Development Program in the coming year. BURA works together with bureau B + B and experts from Studio Bereikbaar, Stadkwadraat and Merosch. The focus is on the old city center and various development areas around the city center, except for the railway zone. Zwolle has invested in the city center in recent years with high-quality urban projects, but now the step is needed to make the Center-Inner City a more complete urban environment. The aim of the development program is therefore to further strengthen the economic and cultural position of Zwolle and to make the city more attractive for its users, and to put Zwolle on the map nationally and internationally. The development program is a dot on the horizon that is inviting to market parties and is supported by the Zwolse society and its politics. The BURA team will draw the development program through co-creation with the municipality, entrepreneurs, residents, initiators and market parties, and prepare the city center and surrounding area for the future.