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Gebiedsperspectief Gelderse Vallei


Gelderse Vallei


Province of Gelderland




Marco Broekman, Milja Hartikainen, Jacopo Grilli, Jimmy Peijnenburg


Regional vision


Veenenbos en Bosch, Peter Kuenzli



As an assignment from the Province of Gelderland, BURA is collaborating with Veenenbos en Bosch landscape architects to explore an integrated spatial vision for Gelderse Vallei, a region at the intersection of Foodvalley and the Province of Gelderland.

The aim of the vision is bringing together the current knowledge and existing visions on a number of significant, complex developments in the region, such as growing housing demand and densification, agricultural transition and energy transition, and socio-economical questions related to the growth of Wageningen University and Foodvalley NL into an international knowledge-ecosystem. The team will explore and bring to light the opportunities in possible synergies between different development themes and advice the governmental process in a spatial and strategic perspective.

The process, which is lead together with Veenenbos en Bosch, BURA with Peter Kuenzli, consists of two workshop sessions together with an involved group of officials from the province, where the team will present and discuss a number of scenario’s to gather knowledge and to form a shared vision. Based on the sessions, the team will be outlining a future storyline for Gelderse Vallei in the form of a report and a presentation, that will provide the Province with advice for a direction in the future.

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