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BURA urbanism is based in Loods 6 in Amsterdam. 


KNSM-Laan 53

1019 LB Amsterdam 



+31 20 7372085


For information regarding publications, please contact Bien Schols at

For all inquiries:

Message received. We will reply as soon as possible.

While constructing this website, BURA attempted to approach all authors, photographers and other copyright holders. If someone finds an illustration on this website, on wich he or she can claim rights or finds a incorrect citation, please let us know.

Privacy Statement

Thank you for your interest, we respect your privacy and will treat your personal data confidentially in accordance with new European privacy legislation (GDPR).

For the benefit of our website, we store the following information in our secure system: internet browser and device type (cannot be traced to you as an individual), browsing behaviour (cannot be traced to you as an individual), IP address (the last part of your IP address is concealed to protect your anonymity). We regularly perform research to obtain a better picture of visitors to our website. Our website therefore places small text files called ‘cookies’ on your hard drive. These send anonymous data about your browsing behaviour to Google Analytics.  This is done to improve our website. The following measures have been taken to ensure your privacy:

The last part of your IP address is not registered and can therefore not be traced to you as an individual. 

All the options offered by Google Analytics  to share data with Google have been disabled.

We do not use Google advertising services in combination with Google Analytics.

We have entered into a processor agreement with Google.

We regularly monitor our own compliance with this privacy statement. This implies that the content of this privacy statement may be subject to modification. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us. 


Privacy statement
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