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Centrum van Zuid, Rotterdam




Gemeente Rotterdam


2019- current


Marco Broekman, Floris van der Zee, Pinar Balat, Paul van Eeden, Jacopo Grilli, Milja Hartikainen


Urban vision 


Studio Bereikbaar, Stipo, Mark Rabbie Urban Concepts



BURA (formerly known as marco.broekman) is asked by the Municipality of Rotterdam to define a future vision for Centrum van Zuid in Rotterdam. The project area is known for being an important transportation hub in Rotterdam region, for its nationally recognized entertainment centre and for having one of the fastest growing shopping centres of the Netherlands. The area also contains important educational, cultural and sport facilities of Rotterdam Zuid. Due to the presence of many large-scale buildings and infrastructure, the area lacks human scale, connection with surrounding neighbourhoods, attractive public spaces, and a healthy living-working environment. Currently, there are two ongoing development projects in the area: Hart van Zuid and Motorstraatgebied.


The vision trajectory aims to bring the ambitions of these two projects together under a holistic vision. Furthermore, it intends to set a new point in the horizon for the development of this area into a vital centre for the southern neighbourhoods of Rotterdam. In collaboration with Studio Bereikbaar, Stipo and Mark Rabbie Urban Concepts, marco.broekman will work closely with the Municipality of Rotterdam, and also with the stakeholders and users in the area through a series of presentations and participation workshops.

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