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Provincie Zuid Holland


Provincie Zuid Holland


September 2021- December 2021


Marco Broekman, Basia van Rijt, Geert Das


Research by design for sustainable development of working areas with high environmental impact


Stec Groep



In September 2021, BURA urbanism will start a research by design project together with Stec group for the Provincie Zuid Holland into the future development of HMC areas. How can they develop in order to function optimally and keep their essential role in the regional ecosystem? 


HMC (high environmental impact) areas are essential in the Netherlands, but cannot be mixed with sensitive functions such as housing. Because of the environmental impact of the HMC areas often clash with housing plans and ambitions for densification of the city. These areas are essential because of their important role in the development to a sustainable and circular future. Currently HMC areas are often outdated, accommodate a variety of industrial activities, are traditionally rail or water-bound and use their plots extensively. Cities are densifying with housing and the landscape is scarce and valuable, this puts pressure on the HMC areas. How can these HMC areas intensify, be more sustainable and be an added value for their environment?


With this research We will look into the existing area and discover their logic, as well as explore trends and organize work sessions with stakeholders. This results into a first catalogue for the future development of HMC areas. 


The Stimuleringsfond Creatieve Industrie made this research possible with the Open Call for Sustainable Economy and Spatial Planning #1.