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PROEFtuin Bleizo



(border Lansingerland/Zoetermeer)


The municipalities of Lansingerland and Zoetermeer


January – September 2021


Floris van der Zee, Jordy Stamps, Basia van Rijt (Previous: Margaux Demange)


A development perspective for the Bleizo-West area


APPM, Goudappel and Stadkwadraat


Approved by both municipal councils


Development Perspective PROEFtuin Bleizo (report)

Bleizo-West is located in the heart of the province of South Holland. It is a unique and undeveloped area of ​​approximately 66 hectares. The development perspective for PROEFtuin Bleizo have been established by both municipal councils of Lansingerland and Zoetermeer. This has given direction to the future development towards an attractive and green living and working environment, near the brand-new Lansingerland-Zoetermeer station. This location can offer a solution for urgent regional challenges such as the housing shortage, employment and the capitalisation of an important (supra)regional transport hub. The spatial framework for PROEFtuin Bleizo offers space for 4,000 to 6,000 homes and 150,000 m² of work space and facilities.


PROEFtuin Bleizo is adjacent to the greenhouse horticulture area where ​​innovative horti science, food, horticulture and greenery are central. Besides, the area is located near the Dutch Innovation Park, where technology and applied development are important themes. The combination of technology and greenery gives color and profile to sustainable area development. All at the place where urban and rural areas meet.

Five core values are central to the development of this area:

  • Gate to the region

  • An attractive mix of living, working and facilities

  • Connecting in knowledge and innovation

  • A Healthy and sustainable environment

  • Connected and accessible

Scale reference

Scenario study

Spatial framework

Spatial principles


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