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Development perspective railway zone Arnhem-East




Municipality of Arnhem




Marco Broekman, Jordy Stamps, Yun-shih Chen, Martha Seitanidou, Margaux Demange



Drawing up a development perspective for Arnhem-East


Municipality of Arnhem




Development perspective document

The potential of Arnhem East is there; close to downtown, easily accessible and nature within reach. In addition, there are two important hotspots in the area, namely the knowledge campus and the IPKW. Therefore, it is the challenge to capitalize on the various opportunities. The city has the ambition to develop the railway zone Arnhem East into an area where living, working and recreation come together.


Four goals have been set for the railway zone Arnhem-East for the future:

  • Connected - The neighborhoods are well connected and there are good connections to the city and the countryside. The area is easily accessible by public transport and it is attractive for walking and cycling.

  • New Arnhem Mix - railway zone Arnhem East is an attractive district with a rich palette of living and working functions, which make smart use of the space, ensure dynamism, liveliness and meeting. Functions that complement each other well.

  • Energetic - railway zone Arnhem East is an energetic and sustainable district with room for all forms of entrepreneurship. Collaborations and connections ensure an innovation climate and value creation.

  • Proud of East - railway zone Arnhem East is a district to be proud of and where people from different backgrounds feel connected. There are several places where people meet.


The Railzone Arnhem East contributes significantly to the urbanization task, by approximately 8,000 to 10,000 new homes along a robust (new) rail park which connects the Veluwe with the rivers the IJssel and Nederrijn. Besides, new jobs are created by strengthening and densifying the existing business areas. Moreover, the urban fabric is strengthened and shifts the focus to slow traffic, public transport and car and green streets.

Ambition map Rail Park Arnhem East

Impressions working area and riverfront Rijnpark

Rail Park, urban fabric, housing and working area’s and program

Economy and work

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