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Arxellence 2 Thessaloniki Skyline Competition


Thessaloniki, Greece

Competition Organizer & Sponsor: ALUMIL S.A.


August 2020 - October 2020


Marco Broekman, Floris Van der Zee, Martha Seitanidou, Jordy Stamps, Yunshih Chen, Timothy Simons, Marina Lysenkova


Vision  for the New Central Business District (CBD)




Competition entry, 6th Prize


competition results

Our submission “A view of the bay/ A glance at the future” for International Ideas Competition for the New Central Business District (CBD) of Thessaloniki, Greece suggests a vibrant city district that is a pleasant living and working environment and introduces a new skyline for the city.


The proposal provides an answer the question: How to bring Thessaloniki to the frontline of the forward-looking cities? Cities worldwide provide conditions and respond to challenges in creating a sustainable planet. The new CBD here will be a global example of an extremely lively and attractive district which proposes smarter transportation and greater energy efficiency. Therefore, the plan builds on the extensive traditions of Thessaloniki, re-interpreting them in order to create an imaginable future. In short, the area will become a link in the strategy for the region in which the border condition is transformed into a continuous pedestrian route along the bay. Good connections henceforth stimulate good public spaces. Good cities attract people, thus facilitate an innovative environment with quality for working and living.


The agenda consists of three main topics:


1.A major HUB in the Balkan-region linking multiple nodes within the bay

The strategic position of the CBD puts the waterfront redevelopment in a different perspective, a regional approach linking Olympos, Thessaloniki and destinations along the Bay.

2. A continuous pedestrian route, rethinking the city’s principle on voids and high density

The city’s lack of open spaces is compensated by a stunning view on the bay. A raised pedestrian route re-interprets this principle and offers both a view and a solution to the border condition. Besides it is an argument to densify this area with 400.000 square meter program including mixed functions.

3.A vibrant city district with a new skyline for Thessaloniki

The buildings combine the typical Polykatoikia and high-rise and thereby creating a new skyline for Thessaloniki. Additionally, an innovation district should include a mix of programs with flexibility and create a living lab itself. This mix of housing, offices, making industry and cultural functions encourages interaction between people and thus innovation. So, a lively city district with meeting places for all kind of people. The high density goes hand in hand with high social and sustainable ambitions. A pleasant living environment is base of the design involving car-free green streets which are connected to the opposite neighborhood and parks.  

Agenda and mission


Historical buildings on the site

Bird eye view

The path becomes a lifted building on top of buildings to be maintainded

The 26th October Street becomes and active street with well designed connections towards the neigborhoods

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