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Area vision Werninkterrein Leiden


Werninkterrein Leiden


Gemeente Leiden 


2020 – present


Floris van der Zee, Robert ten Elsen, Saskia Kleij, Jacopo Grilli, Jimmy Peijnenburg (Previous: Mariëtte Harms)


Vision for transformation into a mixed use urban district





BURA is asked by the municipality of Leiden to develop a vision on the Wernink location. The area is located directly along the Rhine river, close to the historical inner city of Leiden. The site has great potential to be transformed into a lively housing area (ca. 600 dwellings), with additional working and recreational functions.


The project area has multiple characteristic spatial features that give identity to the place. The rather narrow project area of 3,4 hectares is the location of the former concrete factory ‘Wernink’. The factory is not in use anymore, but the site still contains interesting industrial remnants. The 400-meter-long waterfront offers the possibility to transform the banks into a lively public space with urban activities.


Our vision will contain a set of ambitions and a concrete proposal for a flexible spatial framework for development.

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