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Panorama Zuid Holland


Province of South Holland


Province of South Holland


December 2019 - November 2020



Marco Broekman, Jordy Stamps, Yunshih Chen, Marina Lysenkova, Katrin Schneider, Timothy Simons


Preparing and facilitating the ‘month of spatial quality’ and a compelling image of panorama South-Holland





A future perspective that depicts the cohesion, spatial impact and opportunities of various current challenges. Panorama Zuid-Holland is a means to be able to hold discussions about the ambitions regarding the major transitions. In relation to each other, but also in relation to the spatial quality in the province of South Holland.


Panorama Zuid-Holland was created in collaboration with almost a hundred participants in twelve online workshops during the Month of Spatial Quality (October 2020). Each workshop focused on an ambitions and associated assignment. Though, the discussions took questions regarding urbanisation, greening and energy in an integral way. We have brainstormed what the representative location would look like in 2040.


In addition to a rich palette of opportunities, the panorama also yielded five recommendations for good spatial quality in the future:


  • In addition to "what we have" also show "what is possible"

  • Stand up for the region

  • Combine where possible, choose where necessary

  • Embrace the complexity, also in your approach

  • Nobility obliges!

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The basic image

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The final image

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