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De Entree Zoetermeer




Gemeente Zoetermeer


2020 – present

TeamFloris van der Zee, Bart Claassen,

Martha Seitanidou, Marina Lysenkova



Image quality plan


LOLA Landscape Architects



BURA (formerly known as marco.broekman) is asked by the Municipality of Zoetermeer to make an image quality plan for the new city district De Entree in Zoetermeer. De Entree, the area on both sides of the Afrikaweg and around the Mandelabrug is currently in use as business district, but will be transformed into a lively, sustainable and healthy urban quarter. Partly in collaboration with Lola landscape, marco.broekman is going to prepare an image quality plan to define and uphold the spatial ambitions set out in the masterplan for De Entrée.


The new Afrikaweg will become an important route for cars, public transport, bicycles and pedestrians flanked with buildings that present themselves formally on this street. The new buildings have flexible but lively plinths with a range of functions. The Afrikaweg will become a connector between Meerzicht and Driemanspolder and will provide Zoetermeer with a new entrance to the city.

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