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Europapark Groningen




Municipality of Groningen


2019 - current


Marco Broekman, Robert ten Elsen, Jacopo Grilli and Dorottya Bekesi (previous: Pinar Balat, Paul van Eeden, Julianna Lánczky)


consists of three parts:

1) preparation tender P2 Plot;

2) spatial exploration Europapark and surroundings;

3) project guidance/supervision Marco Broekman P2 Plot and Europapark as a whole


Stadkwadraat, Nimas



BURA is invited by the municipality of Groningen to investigate how Europapark can continue to develop into a flexible city with a pleasant mix. Europapark is one of the most important development locations in Groningen. The site of about 100 ha has a number of locations with possibilities for a more sustainable development of plots and functional mix. One of the locations is “Plot P2” in the heart of Europapark. Plot P2 plays an important role in redefining a new identity for Europapark. For this plot, BURA has drawn up an urban vision (2019) and ambition document with conditions for a high-quality, mixed and lively living-work environment. In the previous phase (2019) BURA worked closely together with Stad2 and Nimas on this assignment.


Besides the preparation for P2 Plot, BURA is researching the transformation and densification of the bigger scope of Europapark. BURA works closely with the municipality for the total planning process and spatial exploration with special attention for mobility aspects, the public space framework and financial feasibility. In the next half year, we will explore different scenarios for the development of Europapark. This will lead to a set of principles in which the transformation of Europapark can be more coherent and flexible, to respond adaptively to changing market conditions. To guide the planning process of Europapark, Marco Broekman is asked to be part of the selection commission of P2 Plot. In addition, he will also be supervisor for other plan areas in Europapark.  

Study area Europapark

P2 Kavel in Groningen

Main principles

Urban framework

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