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Spatial Vision Houten




Municipality of Houten


2019 - 2020


Marco Broekman, Mariëtte Harms, Bart Claassen, Jordy Stamps, William Priestley, Yunshih Chen, Chiara Stucchi, Ginevra Melazzi


Spatial Vision for Houten and 5 sub areas


Stadkwadraat, OKRA, Goudappel-Coffeng



In the coming 20 years Houten will build at least 5000 dwellings. The landscape around Houten will be spared from urbanization. Inner-city locations will be densified, and an existing industrial area Northwest of the town will be developed into a mixed urban area. The ring road around the city will be moved, so that this new urban area will really be part of the city and the car traffic will mostly stay on the outside of Houten.

Densification of inner-city locations means some high-rise buildings in between the low-rise which is now typical for Houten. It will be a Houten like urbanity with a mix of houses and a lot of green.


The vision can be summarized into 8 points:


1) Houten is a livable and diverse residential city

2) Houten is a compact city

3) Houten is a sustainable city

4) Existing qualities like green, accessibility and safety are the base for future developments

5) Houten is a bike city

6) Houten is situated in an accessible and attractive landscape

7) Houten has a strong position in the region of Utrecht

8) Houten is an adaptive city


The Spatial Vision was created with the input of many residents, social organizations, entrepreneurs and experts. During meetings, bicycle tours, a design studio and via an 'online dialogue' and two studies, they contributed from the start of the process how the housing assignment could take shape.

Former project Urban Exploration Houten

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Vision map

Framework map center

Example plan center - 3D view

Impression bird eye view


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