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Vision Veldhuis district


Veldhuis, Apeldoorn


Municipality of Apeldoorn


2019 - 2021


Marco Broekman, Jordy Stamps, Martha Seitanidou, Yara Alnashawati and Martijn Al (Freelance) 


A development perspective for Veldhuis Apeldoorn


Municipality of Apeldoorn


For decision-making

Veldhuis feels like a hidden place, though within a minute walk from the train station of Apeldoorn. You find the typical “Apeldoornse” houses in combination with larger industrial and educational buildings. The position and characteristics makes Veldhuis an attractive area for new developments. It will be a green and lively city. There are opportunities to realize approximately 780 new houses in combination with companies, facilities and educational functions. The old industrial buildings tell the story of the past and give the neighborhood a good atmosphere. Besides, the plan connects to the green qualities of the Veluwe. In this way, we build on the existing qualities and create a characterful area for the future.


Generous green-blue structures make the connection with the city’s park concept (Stadspark Apeldoorn) and strengthen the long lines in the city like the canal. Besides a former stream – de Kayersbeek- will be reintroduced including a park and paths. An ambitious mobility concept for Veldhuis puts the pedestrian first. The diagonal is a walking route in east west direction that threads the (park) structures together.


The existing buildings and organically grown diversity serves as inspiration for a new, green city living and working environment, though adds a new layer of time to the area. The base height ranges from 3-5 storeys and ensure liveliness on the street and relate sight to the existing houses in Veldhuisstraat. The towers range from 8-16 storeys and offer a view on the city and surrounding landscape. Both the industrial and character of the Veluwe are base for the image quality. Brick buildings alternate with timber construction, recycled materials and greenery like ivy, robust planting on the floors (setbacks) and on the roofs. Thus, Veldhuis will become a cool, lively and urban neighbourhood with a green character. The vision also gives a perspective for the south side of the railway, where the Kayersbeekpark and canalpark can be continued, along with densification of this underused area.

The essence of Veldhuis

Positioning (credit: Gemeente Apeldoorn)

Vision Map

Impression Kayersbeekpark

Image quality principles

Bird's eye view Veldhuis

Bird's eye view Spoorzone

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