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Arnhems Buiten Den Brink




Parkmanagement of Arnhems Buiten


2018 - present


Marco Broekman, Onno van Rieven, Guido Martin, Kim van Balken


Development framework





BURA (formerly known as marco.broekman) has been asked by the parkmanagement of Arnhems Buiten to make a vision for the development of the former KEMA-terrain ‘Den Brink’ in Arnhem. Founded in 1927, KEMA was the most specialized organization in the field of electricity in the Netherlands. The area is one of a kind and protected as national monument.


Arnhems Buiten Den Brink is an unique example of intertwined landscape design and industrial-heritage. The interaction between the ‘Haagse-School’ architecture and sloping landscape with lush greenery provides for a very attractive and beautiful environment for people to work. Den Brink is one of the main campus areas of the

Hotspot Energy vision of the city of Arnhem. Important users of the area are Tennet, DNV-GL, NRG, KiEMT and other small companies.


BURA (formerly known as marco.broekman) will work together with landscape architecture office LeFarWest. Through creative workshops and scenario studies with the parkmanagement of Arnhems Buiten, the stakeholders of the area and the municipality of Arnhem, we will create a development framework for the future of Arnhems Buiten Den Brink, which will give direction to this unique historic site.

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