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VDMA Competition




MOOI Ontwikkelt

ABC Planontwikkeling


2017 - 2019​


Marco Broekman, Floris van der Zee, Guido Martin, Jacopo Grilli


Development plan


CIVIC Architects, Buro Harro, Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau, VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism, Morgenmakers, Buro Loo, Erna Van Holland, Bas Schoemaker, abcnova, Total Cost bouwadvies, MOVE Mobility, Bouw 21, ABT, HeyHeydeHaas, Weebers Vastgoed Advocaten, maquette: studio KU+


Competition entry

“Van de Meulen-Ansems”, or VDMA, is  an 18.000m2 area that lies in the heart of Eindhoven, within walking distance of the central station. A number of historical structures remain on the site including the Luciferfabriek, a former matchbox factory, as well as a former dormitory for nurses and several historical villas dating from the 1930’s. In 2017, the city of Eindhoven began a large tender procedure for the sale of the land. Through a 2-year process, our team competed alongside 20 other competitors and through 3 rounds to deliver a masterplan on the the future of this important area in the city. In November 2019, the design came runner-up in the final judging.

Our proposal, transforms this part of the centre of Eindhoven into a new green neighbourhood. The ground level is green, grounded and accessible. Small scale buildings follow the rhythm of the historical factory halls and are shaped to the existing structure. This vibrant ground plane is contrasted by four high-rise elements which rise above, of which the Roofscraper is the most striking element; a horizontal icon that floats above the historic dormitory building like a cloud. 


By strategically lifting certain building elements, all historical architecture is preserved whilst also freeing up the ground plane to be open and green. The architecture and urban design serve this radically green public space which is further strengthened by a network of green roofs and facades connected via a meandering public staircase enhancing access through the site. To form a biotope for birds and insects, existing trees will be preserved and new native plants planted. A new creek connected with the river Dommel will be introduced and the ‘Biomakery', a subtropical greenhouse, will help maintain water quality, creating a reinforcing relationship between nature and city. 

As a genuine mixed use community, VDMA combines a 75,000m2 programme focussed on housing and talent development, with educational functions, youth work programmes and start-up accelerators focussed on linking to Eindhoven’s tech, design and knowledge industries.



De nieuwe beek


Stairway to heaven

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