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Hembrug Zaandam BV (ABC Planontwikkeling, L.I.F.E. nv)


2017 - present


Marco Broekman, Pinar Balat, Milja Hartikainen, Saskia Kleij (previous: Onno van Rieven, Guido Martin, Paul van Eeden, Chiara Stucchi, Mariëlle Wetter, Chloé Charreton, Imane Boutanzit, María Navarro Sánchez)


Urban plan and landscape vision


Strootman Landschapsarchitecten, Venhoeven CS, GROUP A, Goudappel Coffeng, Bouwfysica



The former military terrain Hembrug will be transformed in a vibrant mixed living and working environment with in total 180.000m2 of program, with approx. 1000 houses and other program like creative industry, offices, horeca, leisure and shops. The 42 hectares area has a unique position in the region and houses more than 50 monumental buildings and historic landscape elements. In the urban plan this unique historic character will be preserved and strengthened by preserving important historic buildings and accentuate (landscape) structures.  BURA urbanism is developing the urban plan and landscape vision for this area as an assignment for Hembrug Zaandam BV, (ABC Planontwikkeling, L.I.F.E. nv), and in collaboration with Strootman Landschapsarchitecten, Venhoeven CS, GROUP A, Goudappel Coffeng and Bouwfysica. The team of designers and experts is working together with the existing users and stakeholders in and around the area, leading to an adaptive step-by-step urban plan.

You can find the public project documents and more information about the process here

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From a former military terrain…

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Into an attractive area for living, working, culture and recreation

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Positioning of Hembrug in Zaanstad and MRA


Existing qualities of Hembrug terrain

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Main urban principle

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Verloren Spoor, where living and working, old and new come together


Urban principles

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Lively Middenweg, where bikers and pedestrians have priority

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