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Development plan Schieoevers Noord




Gemeente Delft


2018 - present


Marco Broekman, Floris van der Zee, Robert ten Elsen, Yun-shih Chen, Saskia Kleij (Previous: Guido Martin, Imane Boutanzit, Justus Bos)


Development plan






Transformation area Schieoevers Noord in Delft will be developed into a vibrant urban district in the form of a mixed milieu of living and working. 


The municipality of Delft has asked BURA (formerly known as marco.broekman) to make a development plan and define the spatial framework for the transformation of Schieoevers Noord (77 ha). 


Next to this, a set of (spatial) rules and conditions will be determined to realize high ambitions in terms of densities, degree of program mix and liveability.


This way marco.broekman helps to guide a complex step-by-step development for a large number of divers stakeholders. This process is in close collaboration with Stadkwadraat concerning feasibility and a development strategy.

This special area along the Schie changes gradually in a mixed urban area with plenty of space for the innovative making industry. Building on the industrial character of the site, it also offers a perspective for the further development of Delft as the capital of 'technology and innovation'.

The ambition is to create a 21st-century work-residential area here; an attractive urban environment, in which working and living are present in an equal proportion, and the mix of functions and facilities ensures liveliness and dynamism.

Key characteristics of the Schieoevers will be: a mix of housing and working with special attention to the making industry, a sustainable and liveable urban district, high quality public space with important landscape connections and smart mobility solutions.

5 central principles

Short term framework map

Framework map

Ruis-rust-reuring principle


Position of Schieoevers in the region

Facet maps

Adaptive phasing

Phasing example

3D impression

Impression living-working street with view towards the Schie

Impression Nieuw Haven in Schieoevers Noord

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