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Masterplan Haspershoven Overpelt


Haspershoven, Overpelt (BE)


Municipality Overpelt, Vlaams Bouwmeester




Marco Broekman, Floris van der Zee, Mariëlle Wetter, Yun-shih Chen, Guido Martin, Niels Leusink


Densification masterplan and development strategy study


OTO landscape architecture, IDEA consult


Competition entry

The transformation of the nowadays "unused (vacant, barren)" area Haspershoven is a unique opportunity to add a new living environment. Haspershoven is situated between two urban cores, Overpelt and Neerpelt, two municipalities that will merge into one. The design team approaches the development of Haspershoven as the physical manifestation of the merging communities. A densification tailored to the existing character, alongside sustainable features belonging to a 21st century residential living environment.


The name 'De Haspershoven' refers to the area, but moreover to the structure of courts, representing the feeling of community in the area. The hidden character of ‘De Haspershoven’ contributes to an intimate and calm atmosphere, these qualities are enhanced in the design by creating a car-free area with a large diversity in public and private spaces. ‘De Haspershoven’ has an extrovert character, creating new connections with the urban context and the river landscape of ‘de Dommel’. The proposed large city park attaches to the river stream creating a large public space for both municipalities. It is the balance between the introvert and extrovert character exemplify the quality of the place and design.


In 'De Haspershoven' collective solutions for sustainability, mobility, facilities en the public space need to be integrated in an adaptive and flexible development strategy. The spatial framework allows gradual development of ‘De Haspershoven’ and has the potential to be the groundwork for sustainable synergy between neighbourhoods and city.


Adjacent road the Leopoldlaan

Project area Haspershoven with view towards Dommelvalley

Vision map

Three challenging conditions: different characteristic neighborhoods, introvert inaccessible open space and a complex ownership reality

Main principles

Strategy maps

Collage courtyard

Phasing scheme



Development strategy

Collage public space

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