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Eindhoven takes care




Raad voor de leefomgeving en infrastructuur (Rli)




Marco Broekman, Floris van der Zee, Ginevra Melazzi, Joske Bruijns


Research by design on the spatial implementation of health-promoting interventions in Dutch cities


Municipality Eindhoven, GGD Brabant-Zuidoost, Rijkswaterstaat, RIVM




The project Eindhoven takes care is the result of two creative working sessions organized in September 2017 by the Raad voor de leefomgeving en infrastructuur (Rli) (EN: Council for the Environment and Infrastructure). The Rli is preparing an advisory report about ‘The city as a healthy living environment’. This advisory report is about the question how the living environment can contribute to the health of the inhabitants of the city. In the context of this advisory report, marco.broekman has been asked to study the city of Eindhoven through research by design. Together with the municipality of Eindhoven, GGD Brabant-Zuidoost, RIVM and Rijkswaterstaat Zuid-Nederland, Eindhoven served as a case-study for the exploration of the relationship between the city and health.

Starting from the idea of a health-promoting approach, an inventory of spatial interventions has been developed for the following three themes:

  • Healthy and resilient neighbourhoods

  • Healthy mobility and connections

  • Healthy and inclusive urban densification


These themes address the spatial opportunities in the context of socioeconomic problems, the physical structure of the city and the interconnection of health with other urgent spatial assignments (such as urbanization, energy transition and climate change).

Vestdijk, Eindhoven

Spatial opportunities for health improving interventions in three themes

Workshop with the municipality of Eindhoven, GGD Brabant-Zuidoost, RIVM and Rijkswaterstaat Zuid-Nederland

Eindhoven has a huge amount of paved areas (indicative map)

''Highway to health'' in the inner city of Eindhoven

The new health-map of Eindhoven

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