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G&S/OVG, CBRE GI, Amsterdam Arena, Provast, Live Nation, OMC, Blauwhoed, Ymere, municipality of Amsterdam




Marco Broekman, Tea Hadzizulfic, Marielle Wetter, Ginevra Melazzi, Imane Boutanzit


Ambition document to guide the public and private developments of the area and set up the collective ambitions for the area


SITE Urban Development


Finished, ambition document signed

Together with private and public stakeholders of the area, SITE Urban Development and BURA (formerly known as marco.broekman) has developed the ambition document for the “Arenapoort”, the area of Amsterdamse Poort and the Arenaboulevard. Arenapoort has entered a new dynamic period with major initiatives like the Urban Interactive District and the ING campus. This leads to a gradual transformation from a mono-functional district into a diverse and dense urban center with a mix of living, working, leisure and retail. SITE and marco.broekman created six main principles to develop this area: Urban fabric, program mix, interactive public space, smart mobility, healthy environment and place management. These themes were investigated in a different future scenario’s.


To accelerate this process a few strategic projects were defined. The life line is a car-free interactive public street that starts at the Arena and ends at the Nelson Mandela park. This street is the mainstreet of the area and connects the mayor leisure programs of the Arenapoort like the Arena, Ziggo Dome, Afas Life, Pathe Arena, Amsterdamse Poort and the Anton de Komplein. The Corridor is a typical street in Arenapoort with a lot of traffic, backsides and parking spaces. The street will be  transformed into a lifely street with a shared space and new active plinths. A new bikelane at the Haaksbergerweg should invite people to bike more easily  through the area and find their way from the city center to the Arenapoort and back. In september 2017 the ambition document has been signed by all the stakeholders who were involved in the process: the municipality of Amsterdam, G&S/OVG, CBRE, Amsterdam Arena, Provast, ING, OMC, Blauwhoed, Ymere and Live Nation. 


Positioning Arenapoort

Six principles



Project: Life line

Project: Amstelfietsroute

Project: Corridor

Haaksbergweg / Corridor

Areal view Arenapoort

Signing of the ambition document

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