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Tussenstad Schiedam




Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Municipality of Schiedam


2016 - 2017


Marco Broekman, Floris van der Zee, Ginevra Melazzi, Daan Helmerhorst


Design of six strategic pilot projects for the “Tussenstad” area (Inbetween city) around the A20 zone of Schiedam


Study finished


Smart and Healthy city Schiedam 2015

The project "Tussenstad" (Inbetween City) is one of the strategic projects within the integrated vision on the A20 zone in Schiedam drafted by BURA (formerly known as marco.broekman) in 2015.


"Tussenstad" refers to both possibilities of temporality as well as the physical location of the major infrastructure bundle between Schiedam North and South. Schiedam can take advantage of the unique opportunity in this area. Within walking distance of train station and the inner city an almost empty site is waiting to become part of the city.


“Tussenstad” is a testing ground to show how to set the highway in the urban environment. This does not mean a 'let it go’ policy. The temporary filling should not put any constraints on final developments and must give a quality boost. The project tries to brand this area in a positive way, to attract entrepreneurs, initiatives and researchers which are related to mobility, healthy design and the city. The design must offer an unfinished state, giving space to numerous initiatives and adjustments. Here companies can freely experiment with sustainable techniques solving environmental issues in air quality, energy supply and water management.


Within the project “Tussenstad” we defined six promising projects, to be developed and worked out on the short term.

Impression workshop 12 september 2016

Different ratings on various healthy city environments

Promising projects

Selection of promising projects on map

Workshop impression 12 september 2016

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