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Proeftuin Erasmusveld


Erasmusveld, Den Haag






Marco Broekman, Floris van der Zee, Ginevra Melazzi, Daan Helmerhorst


Urban plan and sketch design of first phase of housing district


LINT, Workshop architecten


Winner in competition

The team of BURA (formerly known as marco.broekman), LINT landscape architecture and Workshop Architecten designed the winning proposal “De Proeftuin” for the redevelopment site Erasmusveld, Den Haag. On the basis of core values ‘health’, ‘city’ and ‘living together’ a vision for the new neighbourhood is developed, with an elaboration for the first phase.


The urban design for a residential park is located along an eco-belt and exists out of four collective housing blocks and small scale clusters of ground bound dwellings. A housing block of a 100 dwellings is designed for the first phase. The building volume reacts to the park environment through its terraced volume and an inner court which opens up. Collective spaces, like a playroom and a guestroom, can be developed in co-creation with the future residents.


The park has a collective character in which human and natural habitat are well mixed. It provides space for sporting routes, playfields, vegetable gardens and a water filter garden. The water filter garden is accessible via a footbridge; in the garden a collection of different plants creates a good water quality.


The team was one of the four winning design teams of the Open Call ideas competition ‘Proeftuin Erasmusveld’ in 2016. BPD has the intention to continue and develop a preliminary design.

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Winning team with Rosalie de Boer (BPD), Erik Pasveer (City of The Hague) and Cor Wagenaar (bijzonder hoogleraar Ruimte en Gezondheid RUG) (Photo credits: HakeMedia)

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Workshop at marco.broekman with BPD

Main themes: ''Healthy - Urban - Living together'' (''Gezond - Stads - Samenleven'')

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Adjustment of original urban vision by Bosch Slabbers

Birds eyes view

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Location of Proeftuin Erasmusveld in the green framework of Den Haag

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Urban plan

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Building blocks

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Access and parking

Orientation and sightlines

Small scaled clusters of ground-bound dwellings

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Collective housing blocks

Visualisation from Leyweg

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Building block principles

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Parking transformation principles

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Co-creation: an ongoing proces

Night view from the ''Ecolint''

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