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Estate Land & Bosch




Stichting Land en Boslust & BEAT development




Marco Broekman, Floris van der Zee, Hester Koelman, Alexandra Kern


Urban design for a collective private commission on estate Land & Bosch


Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp


Sketch design finished

The project Land & Bosch contains the transformation of a forgotten estate in ’s-Graveland, close to Hilversum. The estate is a monument, and currently owned by “Natuurmonumenten”. The estate will be transformed into a residential area, in co-creation with a foundation which includes a number of interested inhabitants. Nature conservation, care and living together form starting points of the foundation, in line with existing initiatives in the immediate area, such as the Vegetable Garden of Jagtlust and care initiatives in the neighboring estate Jagtlust. The aim is to develop a physically and socially sustainable environment with diversity and the sharing of facilities, both in the built environment (guest room, studio space, workshop) and in the undeveloped parts of the estate (vegetable garden, nature management, energy, transport). The goal is to become as much as possible a self-sufficient community.


The vision is based on the preservation of the main building, plus a number of small old and new “outbuildings” (bijgebouwen) in a parklike setting. The Gardener's House is maintained. Two current outbuildings are demolished and replaced in the western strip of the estate. The location of the new buildings are defined by a maximum of privacy and good views to the surrounding. The new buildings are contemporary interpretations of "outbuilding typologies" such as barns, carriage houses and workshops, but without becoming too historical. They are made of durable and natural materials. In collaboration with Marlies van Diest the landscape values of the estate are being restored. The central avenue is restored and structures the estate, and functions also as the main access structure of the estate. Old elements like the deepened garden (‘verdiepte tuin’) are build back with small walls, hedges and stairs. 

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