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Smart Business Park Utrecht




Hansteen B.V.




Marco Broekman, Alexandra Kern, Chloé Charreton, Anna Sosin


Urban plan for the transformation of Smart Business Park into a mixed use urban district




The urban plan has resulted in a joint assignment for area 5 of Merwedekanaal zone

The Merwede canal zone has huge potential as a mixed living and working district, close to the city centre and the renewed Jaarbeurs district. BURA (formerly known as marco.broekman) and Stadkwadraat developed a feasibility study to transform the current business park of 4,3 hectares into a mixed use urban district with high density. Different scenarios were developed and calculated to discuss the identity, quality and feasibility of the area. The urban vision consists of a robust framework where the following values are reflected; robust public space framework, mix of small and large buildings, diversity of target groups, mix of architecture within an ‘industrial’ atmosphere, flexibility, healthy and sustainable design principles, making it a more open district and giving space for interesting functions and local entrepreneurs. Through discussions with municipality, surrounding owners and city council, it was decided to develop a coherent urban plan for the whole area 5 (in total approx. 24 hectares).

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