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Quality team Arnhem




Municipality of Arnhem


marco.broekman, 2015-current


Marco Broekman


Member of quality team southern city center of Arnhem


Marlies van Diest, Job Roos, Frank Wintermans



Marco Broekman is a member of the Quality Team of “Zuidelijke Binnenstad” of Arnhem, and has the role of urban planner. Besides Marco Broekman the Quality Team consists of Marlies van Diest (chairman, public space), Job Roos (cultural heritage) and Frank Wintermans (architecture).


With an integrated development of the southern city center the municipality of Arnhem aims to transform this area into an attractive part of the city center of Arnhem. For the southern part of the inner city, the ambition is to strengthen the coherence between the Rhine, inner city and Station Arnhem Central, in order to create an attractive urban living environment and enhance the quality of public space. Projects such as Rozet and the “Feestaardvarken” have already put the area on the map, but new projects are being developed, like the House of Province, Focus movie theater, “Theater aan de Rijn”, Bartokblock and multiple public space projects. The Quality Team guides projects from the phase of initiative to implementation, by giving strategic advice within an organic urban development. The team has the task to bring the step by step construction of buildings and public space projects in coherence with each other, but also relate to important projects around the inner city. (“Creatieve corridor”, “Rijngoud”, “Coberco terrein”).

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