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Real estate window Achterhoek




PoHo ROV, Provincie Gelderland




Marco Broekman, Onno van Rieven, Sander Maurits, Anna Sosin


Strategic vision on conversion and reprogramming of vacant (monumental) buildings in Achterhoek




Study finished

In the “Achterhoek”, a region in the east of Holland, real estate becomes more and more empty, especially in and around inner cities. Among them buildings with high cultural heritage value, but too big to redevelop. But also empty buildings on crucial locations in the inner city, leading to unattractive streets, degradation of public space and with a negative effect on the value of the surrounding buildings. A strategical and integral approach is needed, on the level of the whole region. The project aims to give an impression of new possibilities for the empty buildings in the Achterhoek region, but also providing a promotional function for investors. The project has set up a dynamic database of 35 buildings, selected by the seven municipalities of the Achterhoek, based on the criteria location, building, use and ownership. Fourteen buildings were visited and worked out in terms of re-use, architectonic interventions, economic feasibility and specific advice towards the municipality on legislation. The fourteen projects will be displayed on the website of Achterhoek 2020.

The most important outcome of the project, was to work together with the seven municipalities on this subject, and giving insight in each other’s approach and tools on vacancy. This learning process leaded to recommendations on regional and local policy. One of the recommendations is to start a “AchterhoekLab”, where pilot projects around selected buildings could be started in close collaboration with owners, municipalities, entrepeneurs and regional investors.

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